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Ulyana M.

I'm a naturopath and acupuncturist. My passion in life is health and all things natural. I've created a natural therapies clinic called Essence in Adelaide, South Australia. I love to write, blog, yoga, nutrition, vegetarian food, photography and nature!
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My New Blog!

Ok, my last post was just a quick hello for 2012 but shortly after writing it I had an idea to start a new blog. I love The Daily Ritual but my...

Happy 2012!

Another number ticks the calendar over, telling us a new year has begun. Although it seems nothing has really changed... the sun still rises, the...

Banana Caramel Pie: Vegan and mostly Raw

The only reason I know these pies exist is because my sister loved them so much in high school. The sickly sweetness never appealed to me but the...

Dolmades: stuffed vine leaves

A savoury appetizer ... It only took one long conversation with my girlfriend, originally from the Greek Islands, to be inspired to make...

A box of tomatoes...

I said yes to a box of tomatoes before I knew what to do with them. So, I gave some away and included them in every...

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