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the music source looked at his cell phone

Posted Dec 17 2012 6:23am
Fire energy. Oh, a hurt on the vampire's largest high purity silver weapons and uniting the sun, their body is very tough, the stronger the stronger vampire body's defense force, and the speed very fast, plus they call themselves black magic, is the most difficult to deal with the family of the Dark Council. Hung up the phone, Qi Yue music source, he said, the patron saint of soldiers with the other zodiac say it again, to no fear of feeling, after all, Zodiac patron saint of soldiers are not large-scale and vampires this biological fought cheap north face jackets not clear to what extent their real strength.
    The other side, the music source looked at his cell phone showing faint smile to himself and said: count the guy dark world to help us to clear away the obstacles, perhaps the Lord will forgive their crimes. Jingnan soy sauce factory, originally the capital of a famous seasoning manufacturer, defeated a few years ago because of competitive and their own equipment behind, gradually being squeezed out of the stage of history, struggling for a few years, or peers. Factory covers an area of ​​thousands of square meters, the westernmost of the factory, a large warehouse, the warehouse was originally used to store raw materials since the factories closed down, this place wanted resold, but because of the price but there is no谈拢 Therefore, this plant will be abandoned here. plant in the region is full of weeds and have yellow, looks somewhat bleak.
    Store spices warehouse about seven meters long fifty meters wide ten meters every three meters there is a small window, about five meters high in places, but do not know why, the windows are completely sealed by the black cloth. factory originally janitor elderly are stations in reduction in the janitor's room, even the janitor's room the windows were sealed by black cloth, the elderly eyes flashing with sluggish cold eyes, obvious in his neck, a purple-black scalloped.
    Warehouse, another person shocking stocked with more than 20 coffins, coffin are black, the surrounding walls, blue Designed original warehouse to store raw materials become more cold, like a giant tomb .
    Warehouse middle of a a coffin particularly striking, because it is different from the other coffin, the coffin shining branching off of the red one looks the 21-year-old young man is lean beside the coffin, the north face pink ribbon jacket hands holding a crystal system tall wine glasses, gently shaking, his other hand rhythmic tapping on the coffin, and a pair of leisurely look.
    Wine glasses, dark red liquid, in the cold light irradiation, flashing a touch of brilliance as ruby ​​young people drink a small cup of liquid, some intoxicated and said: blood is more sweet than we in the West knew that we should have made to this beautiful and fertile country fishes. Young man with short blond hair, combing meticulous gestures between nature reveals the elegant atmosphere, handsome
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