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More Northshore Trail Flood Pictures

Posted Sep 11 2010 11:12am
Today I took more pictures of the flooding along the Northshore Trail . As you will see, the current flooding is no where near the levels we had in 2007. But first, a quick run report.

My training plan called for 40 minutes of cross-training today. Typically I would ride my mountain bike along the Northshore Trail for my cross-training. However, as you can see by the sign, the trail is still closed to mountain bike traffic. I was a little confused as to when we can and cannot use the trail. At the Murrell Park gate, the attendant said the trail is open to foot traffic but closed to bike traffic. No problem, I can do the foot thing.

Northshore Trail closed due to flooding.
Typically, at this time on a Saturday morning, the MADD Shelter parking lot is packed with cars on both sides of the road. But only a handful of cars were there today.

So for my cross-training today, I decided to hike the trail and take some more pictures of the flood damage. However, since I wore my running gear, I only took a few steps before I broke out into a slow jog. Oh well, might as run while I'm here! I ran north-west from the MADD Shelter about 1.5 miles, then turned around and ran back to the trail head. I will expand on this during my L-Five report tomorrow, but just want to note that I am feeling great. No leg issues. My lungs are feeling strong. Great mental attitude. I think I've passed a milestone in my training--each run seems to be easier, and my speed in increasing with no additional effort. I am happy at this point with my progress.

Anyway, here's some pictures of the flooding along the Northshore Trail...

On the first picture, check out the bank to the left of the bridge. The grass was all flattened and pushed in the same direction. I could see that the water overflowed the banks and was running over the ground away from camera and to the left. I would have loved to have been there to watch it during the overflow!

Grass flattened by river overflow.
You can see by the following pictures the flood level that we reached in 2007. I am standing at the top of a small hill looking down at the current water level. In the first picture below, the water would have been over my head if I were standing there in 2007!

Sign marks flood level in 2007, much higher than current flood level.
If you look at the picture above and then follow down the trail until it turns right, the water is just about at trail level. The next picture shows a close-up of that spot.

Flood waters stopped at edge of trail.
The next picture is from the same spot as the one above, but looking back up the small hill to the tree with the 2007 sign. If you look closely at the tree you will see it is lighter at the bottom few feet and then darker the rest of the way up. Where the color changes from light to dark is the 2007 flood level! Yea, that was some serious flooding!

Tree discoloration indicating 2007 flood level.
The next picture is of the road into Little Pete's near the MADD Shelter. During the 2007 flood, the water reached above the yellow 10 mph sign you see in the picture.

Road to Little Pete's.
However, part of the parking lot at Little Pete's is still flooded right now. They build a temporary floating bridge from the dry part of the parking lot.

Temporary bridge from parking lot to Little Pete's.
Well, that's it for this entry. I will post another after my long run tomorrow. Until then, stay dry!

Also, check out my previous report for more Northshore Trail flood pictures .
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