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L-Five Trail Run Report (06.30/01:18)

Posted Sep 05 2010 2:12pm
I enjoyed my trail run today. As was the case with my mud run , I had no issues with my legs or lungs. My mental condition was good. I experimented with Gu and Nuun. Overall, I would say it was a good run.

Length: 06.30 Miles over 1 Hours and 18 Minute (12:25 pace)

My training plan called for a four mile run today. However, I didn't cross-train like I was scheduled to do yesterday. I ended up participating in a serious of long-weekend activities and just didn't get around to my mountain bike ride. So I decided to tack on a couple of miles for my run today.

I ran at the Northshore Trail . My initial loop was from the Murrell Park entrance to Northshore Blvd and back. For the second loop I continued to the MADD shelter and back. These are the two loops that I run the most during the week. I was surprised to see I ran a little faster pace than usual.

The temperature was a little cooler than lately, 75 degrees with 76% humidity at the start of my trail run, and 83 degrees with 61% humidity at the end. Although it was cooler than normal, I felt hotter during my run today than I typically do. Maybe it was due to the faster pace, or possibly suing Nuun on this run instead of my typical electrolyte solution .

Tree down on Northshore Trail.
Limbs: Good

My legs felt fine at the start and during the run. I didn't have any issues with my calf muscles like I've struggled with in the past. I didn't monkey around with trying to change my foot strike today but instead reverted back to what feels normal to me. I am not convinced that I need to make any changes.

Lungs: Improving

As was the case with my last run, I didn't really notice any coughing or issues with my lungs today. I am hopeful that my lungs continue to improve as a result of  quitting smoking . However, I did notice that my chest was a little tight and ached a bit after I completed my run. I didn't have any pain in my chest, but just a general tightness. I am hoping this is just the next steps in the healing process. But I will keep a close watch on it--tightness in the chest isn't something I am going to monkey around with. If it continues I will go see my doctor to make sure everything is OK before increasing my distance.

Laughs: Good

Again, no drama to report on my mental attitude. I was ready to run this morning, I was looking forward to it, I enjoyed the run, and I am excited about hitting the trails again. I am no longer experiencing any of the symptoms of overtraining . All good.

Learning: Gu and Nuun

I attempt to experiment and learn something new on every long run. Last week I was working with my foot strike. This week I am trying different solutions for calorie replacement and electrolytes. I typically run long with e-Gel . I have no problem with e-Gel. Love the taste, it agrees with me, I like the energy it gives me, and I don't really have any reason to change it. However, I am a firm believer in trying other solutions. If I can find something that works even better, GREAT! But I won't know that unless I experiment.

So today I replaced my e-Gel with Gu and Nuun. Both of these products are well know and almost default standards in the endurance running industry. So I won't get into any product info here. Instead, I'll just give my opinion and experience.

First, I only had two of the Gu gels, one Chocolate and one Banana flavored. Now I realize taste is individual preference. For me, I thought they tasted terrible. I can't imaging trying to scarf back more of those during a long run. I will continue trying the other flavors, but not impressed so far.

Second, I didn't like the taste of the Nuun tablets either. I used the berry flavored tablets today. I know part of the marketing from Nuun is that if you like the taste of the liquid you will drink more of it. But I had to force myself to get some of it down. I have three other flavors of the Nuun that I will try on my future runs. But at this point, I'm not a Nuun berry fan.

As for performance, I didn't really notice anything beneficial from the combination of these products. With that said, I also didn't experience any problems during my run. No cramps, no energy shortage, no stomach issues, so maybe they did exactly what they are supposed to do... allow me to complete my run without issues. In contrast, I seem to get an energy boost from the e-Gel product. And quite frankly, I find it much easier to drink plain water when running than flavored drinks. But one run isn't enough to make a decision. I will continue using the Gu and Nuun over more runs until I get a feel for how it agrees with my body and tastes.

One thing I did notice is that I felt hotter than usual near the end and immediately after my run. In addition, I am having some feelings of dehydration as I write this (a few hours after my run). I performed a sweat test for this run and was on the money, so I know I drank enough. But I am not feeling as good as I usually do after my runs. In addition, the temperature was about 10-15 degrees cooler than usual, so I shouldn't feel dehydrated. Again, will need more testing to see if the Gu and Nuun agree with me.

Next Week:

My plan for next week is as follows
  • Monday: strength training
  • Tuesday: 3.5 miles
  • Wednesday: cross + strength
  • Thursday: 3.5 miles
  • Friday: strength training
  • Saturday: cross-training
  • Sunday: 5 miles
That's it for now! Happy trails!
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