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L-Five Trail Run Report (05.74/01:15)

Posted Sep 19 2010 2:05pm
I just realized while writing the title to this post that I ran almost the exact same distance as last Sunday, but about 10 minutes faster. Cool!

I didn't feel so good for the first few miles--sore calf muscle, coughing, some minor discomfort in my chest. But about mile four, just when I was about back to the Jeep, I started to feel better. So I kept going. I'm glad I did, I enjoyed the last mile or so.

Length: 05.74 Miles over 1 Hours and 15 Minutes (13:05 pace)

Today I ran at the  Northshore Trail  starting at the N. Park trail head and heading south east to Rockledge Park, then back to N. Park, and continuing on to Northshore Blvd., then back to the the N. Park trail head.

My training plan called for a five mile run but I ended up going a little further. The weather was beautiful, low 80's when I started. I enjoy this part of the trail because you can see Lake Grapevine from the south east bound portion of the trail. I've included some pictures of the lake from my run today. Scroll down for the rest of my trail run report.

View of Lake Grapevine from Northshore Trail
View of Lake Grapevine from Northshore Trail
View of Lake Grapevine from Northshore Trail
View of Lake Grapevine from Northshore Trail
View of Lake Grapevine from Northshore Trail
Hikers on the Northshore Trail
View of Lake Grapevine from Northshore Trail
Limbs: Ouch!

I am still struggling with my left calf muscle. From the time I awoke this morning, it felt stiff. I was hoping it would free up once I started running, but that wasn't the case. For the first mile my calf remained stiff. After about the second mile it started to hurt. I slowed my pace and tried to land in a way to minimize stress on my calf muscle. After a couple more miles my calf started to feel better.

I was going to stop my run at 4 miles (which was right near where I parked). But by the time I arrived back at the trail head my calf was feeling much better. So I continued and added another 1.75 miles. As I write this a few hours later, I don't feel any pain, but I can feel the stiffness in my calf muscle. I hope this thing will finally heal.

Lungs: Rough Today

I am still recovering from  quitting smoking . I am not sure what happened today, but I seemed to struggle with coughing through the entire run. I couldn't seem to clear out my lungs. Not sure if it was more humid than normal and if that makes a difference (I didn't track the numbers today). All I know is that I didn't like it. When I ran a week or so ago in the cooler temperatures my lungs did not bother me, even at the start of my run. So I am convinced that the warmer temperature directly impacts my lungs.

Laughs: Good

My mental attitude was great from the time I woke up until I completed my run. When my calf started to bother me it didn't get me down. I realize that injury and discomfort are part of the game and I will just work through them and keep moving toward my goal. I did feel a little tired when I started today, but it wasn't from overtraining .

Learning: Listening To My Body

I am still working on listening to my body and trying to understand what it is saying. My calf issue today is a good example. In previous weeks I might have pushed through it, only to injure myself further and then having to take a break from running to recover. But I am starting to notice early signals of strains and can adjust my plans for the day or the week to accommodate. By no means do I have it all figured out, but I am further along today than when I started.

Next Week:

I should be able to get back to my scheduled training for the upcoming week. Therefore, I am publishing my workout plan
  • Monday: strength training
  • Tuesday: 4 miles
  • Wednesday: 2 miles + strength training
  • Thursday: 4 miles
  • Friday: strength training
  • Saturday: mountain biking
  • Sunday: 6 miles
That's it for now! Happy trails!
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