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Posted Nov 09 2012 8:41am
I have finally reached a place where I think my foot has recovered to the point that it can handle some mileage. I've been going out for occasional walks on the street, four or five miles at a time, and my foot seems to be able to take the activity. No returning pain from the plantar fasciitis . I am hopeful that I've healed and I am ready to resume my Three In Three Challenge .

However, I will need to reset my goal. When I originally set my goal, it would have been this month that I ran my first ultramarathon. But that's not going to happen. The concept of the original goal still applies (to get into shape), but the timing is pushed out because of my plantar fasciitis injury well over a year ago.

So at this point, I am not going to set a training plan, I am not going to start measuring every mile and reporting every pound like I did last time--at least not at this point. Instead, right now, I am just going to focus on getting back into a routine and slowly building up my base. I am not going to try to break any land speed records but instead just get out there each day and put in some easy miles. Will probably jog a little and walk a little at the start. It's more important right now to get back into the routine.

Please cheer me on!
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