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Venture Capital Veteran Launches Motivational Music Label 'SkinnySongs'

Posted by Dave K.

From Reuters...
Heidi Roizen Develops Fun, Empowering, Radio-Quality Pop Music for Women Who Want to Lose Weight and Get in Shape

WOODSIDE, Calif.--(Business Wire)--What do great music and losing weight have in common? According to one of Silicon Valley's best-known venture capitalists and entrepreneurs, Heidi Roizen ... just about everything. "In May I hit my all time high weight," Heidi begins, "so I decided to commit myself to losing it for good this time. I wanted to find music that would keep me motivated about getting in shape and sticking to my diet. While I normally exercise to music by artists like Pink and Carrie Underwood, and their music is great, their lyrics didn't speak to me about what I was trying to do. I figured, there is great, empowering music about all sorts of topics; there must be for this too. But, I searched for it, and just couldn't find any."

That is when Heidi decided to create her own hip music. She wrote the kind of lyrics she herself wanted to hear - stories about making a commitment, sticking to a plan, and getting into that skinny pair of jeans in the back of the closet. She then collaborated with accomplished music producers David Malloy, who has forty Number One Awards to his name, and George Daly, CEO of About Records and a former senior executive at Columbia and Atlantic Records, to create songs that range in style from driving rock to jamming hip hop, featuring amazingly talented emerging artists. With such empowering songs as Objects in the Mirror Will Get Thinner Than They Now Appear, The Incredible Shrinking Women, You Da Boss, I'm a Hottie Now, You Can't Buy Thin and Skinny Jeans, her music celebrates commitment, strength and sex appeal.

Now, the 50 million people in America alone who take the annual pledge to lose weight will be able to find a voice - and some support and encouragement - in Heidi Roizen's music.

"We are all incredibly proud of our work," states Heidi. "We know that we are going to make a difference in encouraging people to right size themselves." It certainly has worked for Heidi - by sticking to her fitness and diet plan with some help from SkinnySongs, she has lost 30 pounds, and recently zipped up her own skinny jeans.

SkinnySongs is available on Amazon and SnoCap, and will be available on iTunes December 15. Read more about the artists and hear the music at

Fifteen Minutes PR for SkinnySongs
Ryan Croy or Bill Harrison, 323-556-9700
Kelly-Fogelman Group (Northern California)
Michele Kelly or Nicole Glenn, 415-388-8009
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It's an interesting concept. Most people at the gym or outside exercising are listening to music and it's like a subliminal message motivating you to workout. The only catch is you have to like the music to listen to it. I will probably stick to my own music that I find motivating.
Hmm, there's something about this that seems fishy to me. Wouldn't it be more motivating and life-affirming to have songs that actually CELEBRATE your body in the present rather than trying to attain some preordained, societally biased goal of what you should look like? What about being healthy, whole, and confident? Sorry, I just don't equate "skinny" with sex appeal or health.
I think that's cool that she left the VC world and decided to do something to help women lose weight. I like the idea, wonder if it will inspire people. At the least, they're funny...

Well, the New York Times just said that pop songs like these are the best for working out. She seems really driven -- imagine the effort needed to create this compilation -- so I imagine she would have lost the weight however she chose to do it.

I think that with her favorites being Pink and Carrie Underwood to begin with, she and I wouldn't be on the same page as to music preferences.

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