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Tone and Shape Your Butt and Legs

Posted Mar 08 2008 10:00am

If you are looking for the perfect exercise to lift, tone and shape your butt while giving your legs that lean, sexy look, the Bulgarian Split Squat is that exercise!

bulgarian split squatbulgarian split squat2

Start out using no weights with this exercises until you feel you are comfortable with the form. Then you can add dumbbells or a barbell resting on the back of your neck.

Stand about 3 feet away from the bench and put the top of your left foot up on the bench.

Slowly lower your body so that your right knee becomes bent 90 degrees, watching so that it does not go further than your toe. Keep your body upright and head up.

Push yourself back up to starting position and repeat 10-15 repetitions. Then switch legs doing each leg 3x.

Adding this to your workout routine will give you great results!

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