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TaiShiKun heard a dog fighting two characters,

Posted Dec 08 2012 1:47am
was been touched. TaiShiKun heard a dog fighting two characters, to rice escape zigong asked:" what they call a dog fighting games, in what place? The man? "Zigong way:" dog fighting field in the north side of the hall of a drill ground, is by the LiangYiYao hosted by himself. The year before last, he solicit a designed a vicious bulldog yiren different and, then he is built this place dogfighting field, monthly today, 19 Cheap Lebron 10 Shoes Twenty-nine, each holding a dogfighting betting. A dog fighting game surface bloody, bet and also not small, thus the unrestrained children love to watch. "TaiShiKun ask again:" so, LiangYiYao side can have good martial arts guard? "" there are a few, but yao," zigong glanced at the window paper still residual blood side temple Kevin Durant Shoes, way: "better than one old eunuch was not a. "" I'm relieved. "TaiShiKun say with smile:" since the unrestrained children and let's go to less than a place, as today, I went to hit their a son! DingHao, come with me! "Go soon, too ShiKun and DingHao he found the place a dog fighting field. A dog fighting field is a huge dome felt tents, this heat fade-in of mayday, stood in the outdoor feel hot and dry, the impenetrable felt tents surface, more do not say. TaiShiKun just open a tent curtain, Cheap KD 4 it is narrowly tents SAO smelly heat smoked a fall. To see tents full to the brim crowded the individuals, TaiShiKun suddenly lost the courage to move on. Stand in tents mouth, to look TaiShiKun field. See tent intermediate a big cages, and cages at each end be iron lock bound with a great bulldog!" Mastiff... This is the Tibetan mastiff! "TaiShiKun suddenly recall the often to drink in the bar of the CheFanZi. That night, CheFanZi was storm hit. His gnash teeth in hatred of say to in one hour" back. Three hatchet man face upwards long laugh, they are the army, the armed police in the capital done army, they don't believe the plastered CheFanZi at 3 o 'clock in the morning can find helper. 45 minutes, the car selling child open a car broken xiali back. The door open and jump off two leonine dark behemoths. No suspense, has been money right pollution the armed forces have training out can unarmed stroke behemoths tough guy coming. Three army moment were behemoths down to less than a minute time, three army is already at the last gasp. CheFanZi back behemoth, driving the wild leave the scene of the crime. Cheap Kobe 6 But standing at the window watching the whole process after the TaiShiKun mind is filled with a question mark: this monster is what? In my curiosity, TaiShiKun went straight to CheFanZi home. Two people be old acquaintance, CheFanZi also don't add to hide. He pointed to the backyard a cage that pair of black-backed gold abdomen, long Maori tooth behemoth, proud to say: "this is the famous Tibetan mastiff, softening the iron gold plated! Although elder brother I is not rich, but even if you give me three hundred thousand, brother also don't sell them! "That pair of lion iron gold plated, shoulder height but seventy cm, the weight is one hundred jins. But the sight of this pair of Tibetan mastiff cages? Shoulder height at least ninety cm! Absolute two hundred jins weight above! Their physical enough to a top head brown bear! What is this Tibetan mastiff! Finally,
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