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See big hidden within the government taking

Posted Dec 06 2012 6:44am
See big hidden within the government taking out ShaSheng should subside, skin chamber army slowly retreated from the battlefield! Small mink, small pretty happy way: "is it possible that, is the law YiXin old thief FuZhu?" "No, no!"TaiShiKun staring at the battlefield, way: "if YiXin old thief FuZhu, its hands or surrender, or escape, or will be desperate to ShenXun desperately, Lord. But for the time being the case, Cheap Kobe 7 how old thief hand is orderly exit battlefield?" Sure enough, the battlefield scarred bone armor archers and dozens of muddy body blood full Yin christians helped each other, leave calmly the battlefield, even those crazy monks, are in a strange whistle urged, slowly back! "This kind of condition... can only show the law of" chun and old thief made peace!" TaiShiKun face a change, a over the table and shouted: "good! Let's go!" Small mink, small pretty surprised asked: "walk? Let's go to?" Too ShiKun quick way: Kobe VII"two root old fox made peace, let's trick nature is wear help! At this time we don't run road, don't want to wait to be caught?" Small mink, small pretty model, xiao's lazy smell speech, immediately stay put on the spot! TaiShiKun attend to not top many, connect a voice to command a way: "CuiDaoCheng, tall, strong, you accompany the princess and huang toffee, pick up the luggage ready to hit the road! Kobe 7 Cheetah Remember, only a moment's time! Moment, let's illicit intercourse pleasure dedicated the plugging broken wall place again! ErLang, you quickly come with me, let's future point mark!" Word, TaiShiKun tear on wu3 song, galloped away! Their destination, incredibly is NingShu palace! Along the way, TaiShiKun and wu song for a few words in a hurry. Two people came to NingShu palace side in front of the house, the YouMoYouYang immediately began to speak. Wu song way: "eldest brother, let's got ten raft child treasure, they don't go back to confuse jiang! Let's go to DaSong peripateticism is not better!" "ErLang! How can you say such a thing!" TaiShiKun nu way: "don't you forget to family people to send our" o, forget bone dozen leaders to our teaching yao!" "I...... I'm just so say..." "ErLang, the love of money heart, the person all has, Kobe 7 USA you think so, also is the human nature." Queensland seeks the voice soft many, "but, I'll need you change an Angle to think about. With these treasure, let's NvZhenRen can make many BingJia, had BingJia, we can in the day, the whole world, you I this hero can pitch degrees party! ErLang, you are willing to do personal master cheng yen, enron enjoy high position and great wealth, or are willing to dirty the treasure, covertly at this lifetime?" "Eldest brother, I understand! Have I still want to read, it is damn it!" "Good, want to understand!" TaiShiKun way: "you go to solve the" improvement of the law, I go away the princess as the way we shield! Be quick!" Voice a fall, wu song feet tread up and opened the side gate house. Side inside curled up so group trembling, not the law improvement can also is which? Wu song hand up knife fell alignment and law and seasonable forehead is a knife, the knife light flash across, wu3 song then hurry away! SAN, temple, treasure spirit, the ninth floor tower in the room. Looking at the nearby his house almost firing a group ashes, black face hidden and taking law YiXin tone still so at an appropriate speed: "the law chun, how do you find out to my true identity?"
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