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Princess said today's your majesty has borrowed

Posted Dec 06 2012 6:44am
"Law chun honest replied:" it is big aoye, times of aoye two princess, brings the decree said the! Princess said today's your majesty has borrowed hunting fame, goes out to destroy you scattered around in the wings, and let me tonight against your big taking implicit mansion." "Big aoye, time aoye? Kobe 7 Big Bang The two seventeen-and eighteen-year-old girl?" The law YiXin way: "delay jubilee that little emperors side are my people, and this morning @@ tight insurance also said, delay jubilee is yet KaoLao on hunting, he is going to play my idea? Furthermore, I hand troops have one hundred thousand person of giant, he again have what skill to beat me? Simple a decree, you just believe?" "Law chun way:" with the decree, and a connection nine October letters, I...... have to believe!" "That a firman landed in the two little girls hand? Hum!" Cheap Nike Hyperdunk 2012 The law YiXin said coldly: "let it be! I am hidden for twenty years, already tired! Now I strength ten times as much as one hundred times the delay holy child, even if I restore the name of YiXin how can!" "Law chun hurriedly nodded. The law YiXin paced the a few steps, a voice soft, way: "the law chun, you this goes out to a goes to the capital, so I Treasury!" "Law chun flurried handle way:" which have it! I goes out to defend duty visit to Beijing, YiXin adult never listen to others nonsense!" Cheap Lebron 9 Shoes The law YiXin way: "the noble official, as long as it's not a fool, who can don't see you that a little trick? Words back to come, you of courage also not small, how received a decree will take it seriously, to fight against me? This allegiance to the thing, not like you can make to!" I want to know you hide so profound strength, which can also do that? Although it was like that, and law chun mouth is said: "two small princess said, things into after sealing me for 'big be', I gain the temptation impetuously, to just go this risk recruit." "Be? Ha ha ha! Joke!" The law YiXin laugh wildly three times, way: "when I right pour the court and the commonalty, never thinking about big be this title, do you know why? To do big, must be put to all public office, frankly speaking, be this number is a big XuZhi, you said you have to be done the title?" "XuZhi?" Cheap Lebron 9 Shoes Low"Law chun way:" be not and emperor apposition? How is XuZhi?" "And the emperor apposition, it is to point to after the death of emperor and enjoy the same incense! Alive, it is not out of any cheap!" The law YiXin visual and law chun, said slowly: "the law chun, ambitious isn't a bad thing, so you don't have to cover before me. Your life, I will not take away, and I also want to tell you? Just a little." Listen to life safe, and law chun can't help xi on the tip of the brow. YiXin about steps, way: "have ambition, it is want to rights, and to the right, the best way is to do the emperor." law chun, you must do the emperor's wishes, so, you want to lay a hand? Jiangshan, still want to inherit a jiangshan?" "Law chun thought for a minute, but could not come out with a torrent of, so the law chun counter-question a way:" if it is YiXin adults to choose? "" law YiXin aflame way:" nature is hand lay a jiangshan! I this non royal family middleman, even if it is inherited a jiangshan, the emperor's seat I will sit unstable! Maybe, also to drop the certain world is so vivid!, I might as well seize political power by force! Even if the process to some hard, but when the job is done at least also can fall a founding emperor's reputation, I again what is there against it?" "Law chun smell speech, saying:" but I was pure royal descent, well, today's holy still have to call me a sound four grandpa!
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