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Nike Air Jordan 6 Heels

Posted Jan 11 2013 8:56am
live good, ah, even the broken arm can then come back, the batch of clay idol words definitely true, will only be miserable others. Chouchou in the night in the effort to take a look at the face of Whispering Wind Nie Fengqi Road, said: Wind Master, now with the world of people, I come to you jointly major event. "Something big" I told you? " . Wen the Chouchou flattering Road: "whoops, I wind Master, you do not bring a small joke. Although I have no skill, but I am willing to do my humble." Whispering Wind release him without a word. Text Chouchou Road: Wind Master, now way to escape is only one, nike heels and that is to kill dominated! You would not have hesitated. "" It's the cream brothers sent you come to me? "True ah! Letter on written all over it. "line, you go first and I will consider." back behind the house, the Whispering Wind opened the envelope, looked by candlelight: "Wind The Young: recently dominated the culmination of the killing of responsibility, Yuxiong hard to decide to work together to eradicate the wind, cloud two Young dominated. miles outside the inn. frost, a poly word. "Whispering Wind after reading the letter as burned, sitting at the table and looked at candlelight daze hope three days later. To start it? Fighting, casualties, kill, be killed, a choice, die endlessly. Whispering Wind suddenly thrust stand up, extinguish the candle, lying on the bed to rest, not think. The second day, the sun is infinitely good, Whispering Wind took to the streets, this time he Nike High Heels Sandals money for the journey but many. Nameless to the remuneration considerable Whispering Wind shamelessly accepted. After when Seiji Um, Whispering Wind think that the moon looks very similar to a woman, think twice, and still can not help but want to ask. The Seiji 庵 small, also a courtyard Size. Once inside, he will one see that woman kneeling in front of the Buddha. Quietly watching her devout prayer, looked her up and looked at her back, and everything like a movie in slow motion, until the face is completely falls in his eyes. Whispering Wind heart of a pain, his eyes cheerful sadness, really looks exactly the same with the moon, except that one under the left eye was blood red tears mole. She is not the moon, obviously already know of. Whispering Wind Lost to turn around and go out. "Son, please stay behind!" Woman suddenly shouted to him. Whispering Wind back, looked at her. Convenient, a cup of tea and then go. "The Seiji Um wing, the woman is giving him tea. "Son of the enemy looked like me?" Whispering Wind won a cup of tea, WMNS Nike Vixen Sandals took a sip, has slowly calmed down and said: "Unfortunately, she had passed away five years." Woman carefully read The Whispering Wind two, said: "It seems that her son significance is not generally ah, so many years to make the son has been worrying about." the Whispering Wind farfetched smile. Woman not continue with this topic, turned and said: "Meet edge, I called the second dream, the son how to call?" Whispering Wind shocked to see her, she is the second dream! ? "Son, how?" Whispering Wind reversal of the line of sight, Wood Road: "I Whispering Wind" second dream actually did not think about anything, only said: "So is Niegong Zi." Day, they talk on the like years intersects friends, faint as water, refreshing. Whispering Wind back mixed feelings. Perhaps it is because he is not a real Whispering Wind, and perhaps his own unemotional, his second dream really did not find a thing called love. But if you have to get married, find a
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