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Nike Air Force 1 Heels

Posted Jan 05 2013 8:08am
The Li Lao they are to take care of air jordans heels his feelings, was made a matter-of-attitude. Yue Li embarrassed, said: "Chiang Ching-kuo, this thing completely and your hospital does not matter, personal problems are hospitals. This moth, believe the government departments, heard also, no less." Then Li Yue looked scared stricken by the Wang Chengwen. Yue Li looked Wang Chengwen thoroughly frightened, hurried to kneel on the floor and apologize to Lee Yue. To see this happen, Yue Li more such people are too spineless disgust looked at each other, Yue Li still feel casually to this insidious only a lesson even. There is a saying, you have to forgive and forget. Li Yue front of the lecture said: "Brother Lee, this thing, you give him the appropriate punishment on the line. As for the other, I think, or educational look good." To see Li Yuet say, Wang Chengwen really no think that this was innocent and framed young man went so far as to say so grateful looked Yue Li. At this time, Li Yue see the other attitude is also completely won over. Course, Yue Li not forget to remind him that, then said: "Wang Chengwen! Care about what I do not like this person and others, but, I hope you get along good and the people around this kind of thing, in case of to time on the line if it really hit harder than your background a result, I did not so easy to speak. "Yue Li finished, no longer see this person. In fact, Li Yuet process so there is a reason, is considered for People's Hospital, and the Dean of Jiang Yiguo care. If things really picked up over Wang Chengwen uncle would certainly have to find someone to help, to when things big, not that worried about Jiang Yiguo what. Instead, the reputation of the Nike Air Max 2009 High Heels People's Hospital, to be completely defiled. Li Yuet think, there is still such a deal with them better. "No problem!" Lecture did not think Lee more will do so. At this time, Jiang Yiguo grateful glanced Li Yue. Wang Chengwen uncle touches a small role, but Wang Chengwen behind the official forces, but Lee here traumatic gas is not the United States. The Jiang Yiguo be regarded as a member of the Lee is completely the Li Lao handpicked up. Li Lao they also differences look to Yue Li, the young man, very mysterious. However, even such a young man to have such a large measure They would be surprised. Li Lao this time, he was able to say the phrase recognized Li Yuet do godson, and even felt his wise. Even now he recalls after this series of things. Every Lee more, is not a magical herb tea, that is, that the son of the last to give him the phone will scare off the the Greyhawk help things, or the magical rescued seriously injured Lives. These things, the two are his personal experience. What happened today is that the outside group of people in the time period to wait for of Li Yue rescue out there, that crash was massive Dragons, more so that he did not know when they hear is why there is the kind of power and influence Dragons sound. They are busy as a half-day, at this time, or Li Yue, suddenly feeling a bit hungry, say the body because a lot of consumption, he is also somewhat tired. Finally, Yue Li presented a meal, accompanied by all the talent together, going out to dinner. Yue Li Jiandajiadu great interest and their own dinner in the hospital with a special canteen will forward to Nike Dunk SB High Heels eating a meal!
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