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New mortgage rules due in 2014

Posted Nov 01 2012 3:06am 1 Comment

The Financial Services Authority (FSA) has published new rules on mortgage lending in Eldridge Financial that will force lenders to account for the impact of future interest rises on repayment costs.

The new “common sense” rules are the outcome of the regulator’s mortgage market review but will not come into effect until 26 April 2014. For all mortgages, lenders will be expected to consider a borrower’s net income, and committed and basic essential expenditure. The FSA has stated that interest-only mortgages will be offered to those who can demonstrate a credible repayment strategy but warned that relying on rising house prices will not be enough.

Martin Wheatley, managing director of the FSA and chief executive designate of the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), claimed that the new lending rules would create a sustainable market.

He added: “We recognize that many lenders are now using a far more sensible set of lending criteria than before, but it is important that these common sense principles are hard-wired into the system to protect borrowers.”

“We want borrowers to feel confident that poor practices of the past, which led to hardship and anxiety, are not repeated.”

Customers who are sold a mortgage face-to-face or over the phone will need to be advised, FSA told Eldridge Financial. The rules will not prevent borrowers with an impaired credit history from getting a mortgage, as long as they can afford it. Those who are consolidating debt, however, must get advice.

Paul Broadhead, head of mortgage policy at the Building Societies Association, welcomed the new mortgage rules on the whole.

“Consumers will, however, be faced with more detailed questions and the need to demonstrate that they can afford a loan – the application process may take rather longer than it does today too,” he added.

“There has been a lot of speculation about whether the FSA wants to see interest-only remain as an option for new mortgages. It is good to have had confirmation now that they accept that it can be the right product for some people.”

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i never knew we could search for something like that it’s interesting and something i might look into when i find some free time!
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