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monster over-ear

Posted Jan 06 2013 2:55pm
"In fact, I took office just to say a word," Good Will Hunting "to have such a result, it is with the result of the efforts, not everyone backstage work, even if I were God, I also can not solve the problem. So now the "Good Will Hunting." to have this kind of success, I just want to say, is the fruits of our efforts together, so, with King cup. "Then Liu days facing King raised his glass, and then directly after Hegan wine in hand. beats by dr dre See everyone happy to drink a cup of Liu day laughing, cocktail reception began, I order you to drink a glass of wine, but minor, in his speech, we would be no cocktail party time can play enjoy the joy of it, tonight is part of the success of you. "heard Liu days, we first laughter for a while, then hurray start strewn open to find people to chat or dance, and Liu day you walked down the front desk, to to sit down in a corner. Looked at the people around them happy to talk to Liu Tianyi personal quietly sitting there daze the thinking "tellmeway" in the end the problem lies in where. "Hi, Liu, you how a man sitting here, ah, thinking about it, and how not to play this game." Just when I Liu days thinking of the voice sounded. "Oh, this you to, ah, all right, I think some of the things on the music." Said Liu days absently. "Oh, Liu You also understand the music, ah, really great, but talking about music, I sounded when the online a fire songs it said refused to racial discrimination, just a bunch of kids in unison total sing, singing is also not good, but it sounds very people touched by it. "this exclaimed the edge. "What you say, what you just said?" It's like a bolt of lightning heart, Liu days feel caught very eager to ask this. monster Artist Series"Amount, I did not say what, ah, said a fire songs online. Surprised, said" this looked excited look of Liu days. "No, not this, you say what?" Liu days eagerly asked. The amount is a group of children singing, it is so moving. "This said, watching eagerly look of Liu days, he was a little scared. "Ah, that a child, to have children singing to music, With children's Vice sing, this song will be able humbling." Liu days jumped up excitedly to himself Speaking. Liu, okay, what song? "This side differences looked thrilled Liu days asked. "Oh, nothing, recently wrote a song ready to release, in the record it was nothing serious, but thank you for the reminder without you, I do not know how to make things right for my songs. Said, I Liu days to contact someone else, I ask them to look for the children to sing, and so I'll have time to invite you to dinner to thank you, I go first. "very eager said, then hurriedly walking a. Liu how he, how so anxious to go? "See Liu days hurry to leave, Matt, asked. Horner, I think our songs, children, Monster Beats Team Collection our lack of children that the Teana singing traumatic, we need a large group of children to the collective accompaniment, I believe that this effect must be great. "Came out of the hall Liu days could not wait to James? Horner call. "The voice of the child, the child can?" Accidentally received Liu days of telephone, Horner asked, puzzled. "Horner, you believe me, certainly kids sing along chorus, will be able to let the whole song temperament becomes completely different, can reach a searing effect we want, do you believe me Liu days, said excitedly. "Well, I'll people find some kids come, we try." Horner eventually choose to believe that Liu days, after all, so long cooperation, he is aware of the Liu-day strength, he is not free to talk nonsense .
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