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Monster Beats Pro

Posted Jan 11 2013 8:39am
After a long time, Jessica took a deep breath and said, "Liu, I know you can not accept me, but I know that you feel at least some feeling, do not deny, I can feel to you not to say that time will make me forget you Well, good, we walked to see, if you forget the former girlfriend, But still I'm still in love with you, I hope you can accept me. "" I ... " Liu day watching this bit stubborn girl, eventually sighed and said beats by dr dre, "If that time, you still like me, I think I can give you happiness, I promise you." " So hand in hand, Liu, you will fall in love with me and Jessica hear the answer of the Liu-day spirits a bit with her smile. Watching Jessica inexplicably cheerful smile, Liu days also think a lot of cheerful, brace under the spirit and said, "Come on, there are last scene, everyone was waiting for you." Jessica back "High School Musical" crew with the crew after everything has returned to normal, so quickly put the story the film was finished, after Liu days with crank cited postprandial to have left after all else work to be done, life still has to continue. Jessica did not entangled in what Liu days just to give a big hug after the left, go chic, Liu days inexplicable Some crazy. Subsequent one and a half months, Liu day is a day for "High School Musical" to do post-production, music, splicing, especially music monster Artist Series, is a musical drama movie, so the music is the most important. A month and a half, John also began to "High School Musical" pre-publicity, combined with the film's release steps. "Whew, finally buttoned up." Liu days in the brilliant film and television studio busy for the past month and a half, out of the company building, think long spit breath. "Hey, John, I'm home, the movie has somehow you today sent audit, we fight for no later than mid-June release, know?" Liu Tian called John said. "Yes, I know." John excited promised, you know, but he recovers made, must be a hit Caixing. Excellent greet and John Liu days directly provoke a rental, taxi back home. "Well, looks like I'm going to school in the car." Get off, Liu days silently think. Liu days after the car back home and found that the parents are not at home, so get yourself something to eat, and then will be room to write the screenplay, recently completed "High School Musical" shooting, so he is directly behind the 2,3 are directly written out, has recently been busy writing a new screenplay "Underworld". This is Liu days ready to launch after the release of the "High School Musical" movie, written by his "Twilight" affect the world set off a wave of hot vampires and werewolves, riding on such a large environment, Liu days direct begun to write this story about vampires werewolf "Underworld". Monster Beats Team Collection Although he can direct adaptation of the film version of Twilight, but considering it was accepted shortly novel, watching movies may make some people dislike, not to mention the Twilight copyright was in his hands, and naturally no hurry forward to shooting. Liu days quietly wrote an afternoon "Underworld" screenplay, managed to write this intermittently the end of the two weeks of the screenplay. Looked with satisfaction plot Liu days solemnly put away the script and prepare for the next to find food. Went to the living room downstairs, found that parents have come back, and quickly called "Mom and Dad, you back." Small days? Back? Movie things are doing a good job? "My mother saw I was very surprise, said. "Well, somehow, waiting for the approval of it, and over time will be released." Liu days laughing. "Good, somehow not rest ah?
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