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Moncler Men"s Coats

Posted Jan 06 2013 3:02pm
Lin Yan loudly greeted students today, Mom and Dad are afraid the students uncomfortable all out this time belongs to her, it is natural to put an ownership attitude. Lin Yan busy greeting her side has stood another girl. This is a pleasant child, bright eyes white teeth, sort of ignominy with mood, is a forest sister style girl, standing beside Lin Yan, is no less, Lin Daiyu girl aged 17 or 18, but most of them do not like boys, more Moreover, this girls body is thin. "Lin Yan, you said Zhou Hong, will come, and how did that?" The girl asked. "Yeah, Mu snow, this guy is promised." oncler outlet To Lin Yan slight stomped, the people are, alone worse Zhou Hong. Like to explain how he, ah, five p.m. gathering, he came and then how to go back? "Mu snow sound thin, but also like to argue. Ah?! "Lin Yan, a suddenly like Zhou Hong, Hsin Tao probably would not have come head exposed regrets of color. Lin Yan, failed to note that her side of the Inner secret Mu snow is also a look of regret. The Mu snow sitting on the front row Lin Yan and Zhou Hong, three years down the Zhou Hong and her then touches some more. Mu snow like to see Zhou Hong, Lin Yan, not only he, almost all boys are like Lin Yan. The body in the same era of Lin Yan, especially the girls in the same class, it is quite sad, but snow does not envy Lin Yan Mu. She was just like Lin Yan ZHOU secretly like so secretly like Zhou Hong. This heart Simu snow pressure in the heart, never the people said. Mike Snow has the Lin Daiyu like melancholy, half because of the age of seventeen and half because of the crush. Cheerful Lin Yan hint of melancholy, but Mu snow know Lin Yan melancholy, Moncler Men's Coats not because of which person, but because a group of people, this yard classmate-year students, or ten days, they will go our separate ways this party in the sensitive minds of those who, in fact, is their green years draw to an end. Mu snow, so I thought, my heart a little sigh, looked up, eyes light up, she saw Zhou Hong. This guy came, Mu snow heart slightly joy. Lin Yan, the first to be called up: "ah, Zhou Hong, to male and female students in the hospital to stop the noise, the girls face wore a strange expression looking at the Zhou Hong. At the same table, but have always been suspicion ambiguous pair. Zhou Hong, but late. "Lin Yan was greeted. Mu snow body move move, but eventually stood there, just a slight smile. Zhou Hong, standing there, watching the pair of sisters, this child, he is not quite stage fright in his eyes, some bold. The Mu snow disadvantage disadvantage in enough bulging breasts, losing a lot. Felt the eyes of Zhou Hong Mu Xuemin sense to stay in their own body, cheek quietly filled with red clouds. How, but also Monastic three cups of it? Moncler Men's Vests"Zhou Hong He laughed. The other classmates See ZHOU to them up to say hello. The ZHOU glanced to those who are living in the county and exam to the University, the only member of the class sports Qiang Cheng ZHOU like. Qiang Cheng ZHOU chest, Qiang Cheng said: "I did not expect to see your kid can, originally thought you were hiding in the house to freak out." Nongmeidayan over the direct one punch, after Zhou Hong, the handsome man. "You freak!" Zhou Hong smiles. Hearty laughter, there is no trace of inferiority, Mu snow secretly amazed, she had Lin Yan, like the surprised, and no wonder Lin Yan,
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