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Is it possible I might be able to use your dance studio?

Posted by melaina f.

Writer's Answer
My name is Melaina and ever since I was little I always wanted to be a dancer/choreographer and now growing up I had to change my major due to 2 car accidents I was in but I still love to dance and have creative dance moves that I would like to do and I've been looking around for just a dance studio that I could just come to and dance by  myself and put some routines together without being bothered. Maybe have my sister video tape them. It would be just me and not very often and when you are not using the  studio. I am a full time student at Bradford School right now majoring in Graphic Design and I just would like a little place to go away  from school and work to unwind and dance!! If it is at all possible please get back to me! I would really appreciate  it!!! Thank you, Melaina 
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