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In need of motivation? Listen to Skinny Songs!

Posted Mar 10 2008 12:39pm
I received the CD a couple of weeks ago to present as a review. I find myself waking up to the catchy, fun melody of Skinny Jeans in the morning. I’m convinced my mind has latched on to the premise of the songs. I know it may sound a little corny, but I do feel lighter and smile as I hum the lyrics at various times of the day. I understand that it’s my actions that will bring about results, but for a quick picker upper and return to focus, all I have to do is pop in SkinnySongs.

Here are a couple of my favorite lyrics. You can find the rest at SkinnySongs website:

1. From Skinny Jeans:

some things got between us, and now you’re too tight
but I know it’s all my fault, and I’m gonna make it right
no it won’t be easy, but it’s not too late
just put my mind to it, and I’m gonna look, gonna gonna look great”

2. From Thin!:

Money can’t buy you happiness
Of this, I’m a believer
There’s something I want, I must confess
– But money can’t buy that either

( I jus’ wanna be)
Thin! — I don’t deny it. Thin! — I wanna try it…
Thin! – If all it took was money, I’d look like a Playboy Bunny!

3. From Use It to Lose It:

Gotta do a little huff and puff
so that you can strutt your stuff

The food you gotta ration
and let’s see you do some dashin’
Throw your soul in, do it with some passion
then you’ll be stylin’ in the latest fashion

Doesn’t that feel Empowering! The lyrics in each song are filled with positive vibes. You can listen to this CD anywhere, too. Sitting, working out, cleaning house, and in the car while running errands. It’s easy to start singing along and before you know it, the words will start hitting home.

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