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I still inherited the throne to comparative easy

Posted Dec 06 2012 6:45am
So, I still inherited the throne to comparative easy?" The law YiXin light smile 1, way: "that's right! Since you have such idea, as my is a helping hand to help you? I'll send someone to kill delay holy child, then support you ascend the throne is?""Law chun heard these words, and his heart in such an ecstasy! But thought, his heart was poured a pot of cold water cold! "What is law YiXin characters? Tao Pope made many years emperor, Lebron 9 Shoes Cheap have be Kuang he killed his wife killed the son, and the law chun is but a report, if he helped on the throne, not a way of emperor than to ten million times and small puppets? Thought of here, and the law chun can't help surprised broke out in a cold sweat! He hem and haw replied: "I...... in fact, I also want to fish! Grandpa generation inherited his grandchildren of dabao, like is not so be perfectly justifiable, fame or not." "Law b symplectic hedge smiled a sound, light and said:" well, you this idea is also the truth. But have you ever wondered, once you self-reliance is king, immediately will cause the royal ChaoSha. Cheap Lebron X By that time, you are isolated and target of public criticism, you again this true? Do?" "This......" "Law chun squinting his eyes, hurriedly surrendering way:" please YiXin adults to show just a little!" YiXin way: "not as well, let's two people together is independent proclaims oneself emperor? Your site I understand, no more than is zhong jing tao and nanjing road, the two place, just as your proposition? This. And I will gather northwest road for company, black GuDiLie system army department this two pieces of local Chinese it! As for duty visit to, let's just leave it to delay holy child, when we will he came in the middle, he the first regardless of the tail, never dare to act rashly, and let's the great task of reunifying the proposition, Cheap Lebron 10 Shoes will easily finish. You see how?" "Law chun smell speech, daxi way:" excellent! Fantastic! This way absolute work!" The law YiXin say with smile: "so, let's leave quickly, divided the duty visit to act! Stay until next March 3, you and I together, founding the public career!" "Law chun way:" it's a deal!" "I was on duty visit to the son of the house you burned up, I'll set out on the road. The law chun, you take care of yourself!" Word, and the law YiXin indeed as expected no longer linger, turned and took a few hands left precious spirit. Treasure in the spirit and the land dead, the living, there is only the sweat and law chun! He lifted the wine lamp, breath will drink the wine of salts, and he still badly shaken heart, the but again doping some of the founding emperor for express surprise! Sitzen along while, the tower in just came the messy footsteps, Kevin Durant Shoes room door KuangDang 1 open, and stand in the door is the law chun one of his all the generals and two sons. "Father!" "His royal highness!" They see the law chun safe, finally is breathed a sigh of relief. "Father!" The extension of the law sea knelt tunnel: "have in the tower, the son I will see many out a tunnel, and the tower body, and in the earth! This is who did?" "Tunnel? Ha ha, it turned out that he was so come." "Law chun made a cold war, sink a track:" these things, in the days to come again to you. My son, taking implicit mansion, but all withdrew?" Law of the extension sea: "report back my Lord, taking implicit mansion of people have from out of the city, Simon!" "Law chun exhaled a mouthful of oil and gas, and asked:" my son, let's people wreck a how much?" The extension of the law sea hesitated, finally still feel truthfully answer a way: "report back father...
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