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How serious should a parent be about a dance company competition?

Posted by Jason F.

My daughters have been dancing since they were 3, the oldest is now 11 and the youngest is now 6. The 11 year old has been in dance competitions now for 3 years. I would have to say that albeit I am her parent, she is a very good dancer ( more so in Lyrical). The problem I have is that I do not believe the teachers are pushing her hard enough and my 11 year old says the same thing. She says that she is worried that when the team goes out on stage, she doesn't feel like they are being prepared enough. My wife and I have tried to explain to the teacher how my daughter is feeling about this and she has said that we are being too serious about this competition stuff. Well I would say that we pay good money and that my daughter is more than willing to put forth the effort if it is available to her. So my question again is how serious should we be about competitions? I would say that we joined company to be serious about competing otherwise we would have just stuck to recitals. Please give me your opinion on this, it would be greatly appreciated.
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I can relate to this since we started piano lessons with my 7 year olds.  She goofs off during her lessons, which we pay a pretty penny for.  And I asked the teacher if we need to help her or something.  And she just says to relax because she's brand new at this adn we don't need to push her.  Well, somewhere in there, there must be a line right?  And my girl hasn't been doing it for 8 years like your dancers.  

I would say that if they feel unprepared, that is one thing.  They need to be prepared emotionally and physically for their dances.  that would be one thing I would continue to insist on with the coach/ director.

And, I also think, (altho without experience in this area) that if you want to pay for competitive-level stuff, that you should get competitive-level stuff, no?  if you can get this level of training at a non-competitive level, then maybe you have something that you can seriously discuss with the instructor.  And it probably doesn't have to be a talk about your parenting skill/ preferences either.  "My daughter would really like to be in competitive dancing, and I am supporting her in this.  But she feels that her training here isn't what she is looking for.  From what I've seen I tend to agree with her.  Can you tell me more about the objectives here?  Is she missing something that you are trying to teach? "  Basically, a fact finding mission is alittle less confrontational and can be very effective at getting across your point. 


Good luck!

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