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Caused by a very thick, so he found a one hundred

Posted Apr 16 2013 2:39am
Caused by a very thick, so he found a one hundred character matrix method instant "books brought look, in accordance with the matrix method to put it, one hundred character matrix method is the Mishina soul engraved matrix method, exactly, and he Soul Eater flag engraved on the general matrix method plunder from the so-called 100 operator, but is composed of one hundred Talisman matrix method book cited forging often use more than one hundred Talisman The Talisman is dead, but the institutions together with each other, they form a live lineup, like the face of the person's facial features, eyebrows, eyes, nose, ears, mouth, although only five organs, but each person's face are very different , Talisman matrix method is mean. these hundred Talisman sunglass hope will be able to remember, an interest rate, will be able to mind memories he blamed then began to look to the the several matrix method described in the book, the original the tactical deployment of the genre, there is a so-called offensive, defensive, offensive and integrated three major schools, subdivided into three major schools of the violent type, means that attacks like volcanic eruptions, rivers rushing general, can not tolerate a trace of respite room for this matrix method is often powerful, suitable for heavy weapons, but the requirements for the Horcruxes, Purple Heart copper soul can not withstand the outside except for violent type, there are water-based Talisman matrix method, which means to attack as the mercury spilled stretches without a break, fine, but all-pervasive, low for Horcruxes requirements not, at least four products Horcruxes attack genre is thick type, Chiang Kai-shek thick, impartial, this category Talisman have often adopted by forging division is relatively easy because the carving up the two genres trouble. addition, the book also introduced a Yinhen type attack matrix method, this type of array method best suited some Pianmen Horcruxes, such as banner, dagger like engraving such matrix method, the attack of the chilly wind Cece, see antecedents whereabouts, the most suitable for attack ambush like. "is , that is it. "sunglass heart of a dynamic, know this type of matrix method is the the Soul Eater flag on carved Talisman matrix method, the moment they carefully studied them. these books are" ghost workers "pulse expert own it clenched write from another After numerous amendments posterity heritage, can be described as a gem of the forging sector, a casually went out allows the forging division as a treasured, the lack of which can be described as less of another less. sunglass carefully read about it, turn it in the hands of Soul Eater flag brought control, constantly looking for poor leakage and disadvantages. Unfortunately, he took a long time, only to find a missing another but how not to be able to find. in his brood, brains when the furnace Ding suddenly coming soon as dramatic sounding cry resounded through the world like muffled thunder general roared billowing came almost to his surprise turned to the ground while in that into the furnace Ding, mutation Dousheng. furnace tripod into the black as ink, and that a small golden ball suddenly burst open, revealing a rib wings on a gold color horned lion head monster of light and shadow. Xiongshou by no means is ranked fifty-seventh ponley Lion, but ranked thirty-fourth the flying wing Ray lion, aggressive matchless, capable of operating Lane lightning, aspect Sky generation Xiongshou of, Unlike "apprehensive", it
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