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Memphis, Tennessee
I'm a dad and a husband as well as a blogger. My site, Building Camelot is about the life of a regular guy trying to be a better husband and father. It's also my creative outlet and a place to share my experiences.
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The Daddy Brain Guide To Reaching Your Goals: Part 1

A s a follow-up to my recent post Can You List 50 Things You Love?, Babbo, the author of Daddy Brain, has graciously let me republish a couple...

Plagiocephaly – The Case Of The Misshapen Head

Have you seen this baby? S he is on the loose roaming the streets with Plagiocephaly. Do not approach, she is considered to have arms...

Are You A “Yes” Man?

A re you the type of person that will say “Yes” at the drop of the hat? Do you tend to over-commit yourself to things outside of your family?...

Weekly Rountable: Your Manly Links for the Week

A lthough posting frequency has slowed down a bit around here, never fear! I’m always on the hunt to bring you the best father, husband and...

THE FATHER LIFE: An Outsider’s Perspective

This is a guest post by Ben Murphy, the Founder of, the men’s magazine created for dads. He lives in New York with his...


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