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San Antonio, Texas
My name is Tabitha. I'm well over 300 pounds. I'm a new bride-to-be and I refuse to walk down the aisle weighing over 300 pounds!
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Day 4-7 "I Love...."

4. I love my ability to calm other people down in situations. I battle my own anxiety, but for some reason I'm calm in situations affecting...

Day 1-3 "I Love..."

1. I love my smile, I think it's beautiful. 2. I love my eyes. They're green, and I love them. 3. I love my laugh, especially when I...

Update & 2 Challenges for Everyone!

First challenge: I need a new blog name. "Tubby Tabby" isn't positive. It's a negative word, "tubby". Help me come up with a new name! I...


Well, since I am so spacey - I didn't recieve the message of this until today! (a week later) I was given some awards!!


The good news is, I have more good days than bad days. The bad news is, today was a no good, very bad day. There are several things...

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HI TABBY!!!!!!!!