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Vegetarian 7 years strong!  And I love to bake!
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Hi Everyone!  I just wanted to remind you to add my new blog address to your google reader using this link! ...

Changes to Make

Hi Everyone! I've finally going to make my big announcement!!! What, you thought I was engaged?  Nope.   You thought I was moving away to...

Spaghetti Squashhhhhhhh

Lately my box has started to provide me with some hardy winter squashes and if you know me, I am all over that.  The past two weeks I’ve gotten...

Gluten Free!?

I had the pleasure of meeting up with two of my favorite bloggers, Amanda and Andy , this past weekend! Somehow I did not get a...

Dina’h Time

These days, my life seems to be learning from my mistakes…case in point: I’ve been running for over 15 years and I’m finally about to lose a...

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