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Ocho Rios, Jamaica
I am a reggaae musicain from Jamaica and also a marketing associate for Organogold Ltd.
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Coolidge, Arizona
Vivacious stay-at-home mother to three. Trying to lose 100 lbs. I committed to daily exercise as my 2009 New Year's resolution and I have lost on average 5lbs a month since. It sounds like a small amount but it really adds up!!!


New London, Connecticut
Woman struggles with weight her whole life. Woman tries to lose weight many times, trying everything from fad diets to dangerous pills. Woman is not successful. If she happens to lose weight, she regains it and more. Woman realizes she must not really want to lose weight or she would ?just do it,? right? Afterall, don?t our mothers tell us that if we really want something we can do it? Woman...