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A complete system of cooking and baking gluten free. Vitamin and Mineral enriched mixes with the very best breads you have ever tasted!
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Wheat & Gluten Free Cooking and Baking

Many people are looking for ways to follow a wheat and gluten free diet for health reasons. Astoria Mills has just made this easier! With only 6...

Get Ready for Gluten Free Camping/Backpacking

Well here it is June and we are all heading into the summer travel season. If you are planning a camping trip why not take along a package or two...

Gluten Free: Preview "Get Ready for Gluten Free Camping/Backpacking"

Gluten Free: Preview "Get Ready for Gluten Free Camping/Backpacking"

Green Millet Crackers for Dipping

St Patricks Day Millet Crackers by: Trina Astor-Stewart A hardy-n-healthy cracker you can use for dipping into spinach...

Gluten Free -Olympic Pep ...Chocolate Brownies

Everyone needs a little extra pep or energy and chia seed and flax are so good for you. I always think it is fun to add a bit of extra healthy...

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Feb 19 2012 by Trina  people think the photographs are stock wheat photos. But I made them all using Astoria Mills mixes and photographed them. Of course I had to photograph fast as they always get eaten right away!
Feb 19 2012 by Trina
Looking for a healthy gluten free diet with easy to make mixes that have added vitamins and minerals? Now you can have it all, taste, nutrition and performance! There is a 343 recipe e-cookbook to go along with all the mixes. No more guessing. Foods that taste like you remember.