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Triathlon Training Team

Are you training for a triathlon? Are you a tri beginner or a seasoned veteran? Are you doing a sprint tri or an IronMan? Maybe you're just exploring the idea of triathlon. Come seek advice, share your stories and find motivation to stick with it! Team Members: 2 Team Goals: Bike, Run, Swim
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Triathlon Beginner

Posted by Cyclin' Missy

I am registered for my first triathlon in June of 2010 - the Ann Arbor Triathlon in Ann Arbor, MI. I'm really excited to accomplish this new athletic goal, and that excitement is starting to translate into motivation to train.

I'm working on building some base fitness in each of the three sports right now, and in a few weeks I'll start a 12 week training plan. 

Any other tri noobs out there?  What races are you doing and how's the preparation going?  Any veterans getting ready for more races this summer?

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