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Triathlon Community - Questions & Answers

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I would plan on a run/walk strategy from the very beginning. You will more than likely... more
Aug 20 2010 2:19pm
Cycling would be the biggest, then running, then swimming k wise.  The ratio depends on... more
Nov 30 2009 5:20pm
Welcome to the world of Triathlons!  I have just completed my first on hopefully not... more
Jul 26 2010 7:25pm
I am doing my second sprint triathlon in a few weeks. Thanks for writing this about the... more
Sep 11 2008 8:47am
I'm a San Diego triathlete and Stanford alum trying to find some Stanford gear f ... more
Feb 03 2008 4:36pm
I always say a minimum of 6weeks for a trained triathlete or 12-16weeks for a beginner... more
Nov 27 2011 9:13am
Jun 24 2007 8:27pm
Florida 70.3.  But support ever.  It's like a runners buffett every mile through out the... more
Dec 20 2009 5:47pm
Look around your area to see if you can find a group to bike with and a masters swim to... more
Dec 20 2009 5:46pm