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Zen and the Art of Triathlon podcast: This week is Awesome

Posted Mar 04 2011 11:52am
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Join in for another great episode of ZenTri as we introduce a new segment called, "This Week in Awesome."  I also take you with me for another installment of The Training Log, and I detail how to not eat for a day in preparation for my colonoscopy.  

Fahrendreisen Bike Ride .
Mayday Challenge bike race . (Old site, new site coming soon.)
Amy and Brian's kicks ass. This Week in Awesome! Coaching kid's soccer. Best training tool ever. Swimming as recovery. Carbo-Pro rocks. Overfueling issues. Cottonmouth sucks. Pigging out on free food at H.E.B. Portion control is where it's at. "I've never met anybody that's run 100 miles before." Out on a long run in the fog. Gotta lube up the undercarriage. "Brett's taking grass away from all those poor cows." What's in non-dairy coffee creamer. Arguing in a triathlete household. Better communication gets you better workouts. Running like Michael Jackson. I'd rather not get shot in the butt with electrify. Move your long run to the middle of the week if possible. The world is better with lots of people eating less meat than only a few people eating no meat. I've lost 50 lbs. doing triathlons and eating better. Socks suck. Out to coach soccer. Out on 4 hour bike ride, brutal conditions. Fueling issues… when to quit? RoadID Elite Bracelet review. Skateboarding with Roxy, working on balance. I'm a prisoner. On the way to my colonoscopy. Colonoscopy review with Emily. Pro list for my next triathlon. Zen Thoughts - "You cover where you stand." Follow on twitter @ everymantri or view latest videos on YouTube .



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