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Zen and the Art of Triathlon Podcast: Open ocean swimming and beyond

Posted Dec 14 2009 1:07pm

Click HERE to listen.

Hey there, Tri-studs and studettes!  First off, I need to mention that 6th place Ultraman finisher Rich Roll will be training and teaching with us at ZenTri Triathlon Base and Nutrition Camp in January.  If you haven't signed up, you better do it quickly because there's limited space.  Don't wait!

This episode has a great interview with a tremendous athlete - Open ocean marathon swimmer Bruckner Chase.  We talk at length about what's really to fear in the ocean and how to deal with cold water.  I follow that up with some mountain biking on a 29er on ice and Zen thoughts on how to react to difficult people.  It's a great show, so don't miss it!

 Shownotes - 

  • Rich Roll is now an instructor at ZenTri Base Camp!
  • Interview with Bruckner Chase about how to swim open ocean.
  • Mountain biking on ice.
  • 29er performance.
  • How to surf people's words instead of having to respond to everything they say.

Editor's Note: Our friends Ruch and Brett are putting on what will certainly be one of the year's best training camps. Take a look at the info below from Rich's Blog:

Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to blend fitness with nutrition in a beautiful setting. Spots going fast so sign up now!

Here’s some info:

ZenTri Training and Nutrition Camp will focus on building base endurance and nutrition for four continuous days. This is like four days of epic workout cake layered with special-saucy classes on how to perform at your very best. We will have a pro, a nutrition expert, a medical expert, Rich Roll and Brett Blankner leading workouts and classes (listed below) that will turn you into the smartest tri-geek around. Join us at this quiet, small-town retreat and get away from it all to learn to conquer this sport for good!


January 15th – 18th, 2010. This is MLK weekend, so many people will already have that Monday off from work.


College Station, TX. Rolling, mellow terrain and temperate winters make this the perfect training ground. Add in the world-class Texas A&M swimming pool and endless country roads to make this place unlimited in potential. Average temperatures for January are highs in the 60’s and lows in the 40’s.


Well, YOU, of course! And pro triathlete John Hirsch (also a coach and another camp host), myself, and holistic health expert and food guru Christine Lynch. Nurse Emily Rhodes (LVN) will also be on hand to teach and help with medical issues.


The training camp fee is $265, to be paid via PayPal to If you fail to show up, you only forfeit $100.

For more information and to sign up, click HERE!

Special skill building events:

How to eat like a triathlete. Too many of us train like triathletes, but eat like something else. Maximize your potential by eating right.
Bike fitting like a pro. Biking shouldn’t hurt! John and I will go over your bike fit to help fix many common issues.

Minimalism in triathlon. Learn how to do without many things that overcomplicate the sport.

Periodization and strength training. John will detail how periodization works best and how to build core strength.

Grocery store tour. The very first day, Christine & Rich Roll will take you through a grocery store and teach you how to pick out healthy foods. Learn what is truly healthy and what isn’t.

World famous “Push Runs”. Master how to integrate essential core workouts right into your runs to get you lean and ripped quickly. This strength makes endurance events a piece of cake!

Zazen. Learn the traditional Japanese method of meditation to clear your mind and live your best life.

Base – how to build it. Going long takes patience and pacing. Learn the tricks to keep from blowing up in all three sports.

Daily Cooking classes for the best triathlon foods.

Proper bike gearing for long events. Practice pedaling the right way to make sure you can run your best when you get off the bike.

How blood sugar works. What causes you to put on fat, how energy gets to your muscles, and how to prevent bonking.

Common triathlon injuries and medical issues and how to treat them. Our medical expert will tell you when to take asprin vs. tylenol, how to treat road rash, how to prevent blisters, and much more.
Fear. That swim got you freaked out? What fear really is, how to overcome it, and how to use it for your benefit.

Hill training. Hills are your friend! Learn how to use them to make you faster.

Swim technique evaluation. Figure out in five minutes what others may not in a lifetime.

And more! We will be taking lots of long bike rides and runs, which are great opportunities to ask questions and get answers.
Special notes:

This is ZEN training camp, so we will TRAIN. There will be no fluff, no extra, just pure and simple triathlon. When washing dishes, only wash dishes. When training triathlon, only train triathlon!
College Station? Exactly. Should we get in some real training or should we waste time in traffic in a big city? You bet we have a real airport, used on a regular basis by past and sitting presidents and other world leaders, so you should be fine. It is listed as CLL, or Easterwood Field.

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