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Year in Review Post #2...2006 Training/Racing Schedule

Posted Aug 28 2009 8:20pm
I decided to post about this for a couple of reasons that seem to escape my mind right now, but were clearly there a day or two ago. By training/racing schedule I mean "How well did I do with my training schedule for 2006?" and "How well planned out was my racing schedule for 2006?". I'll get to the 07 racing schedule eventually. In 2006 I decided to focus on draft-legal racing. Prior to 06 I had done about 5 draft legal races. They were the most difficult races that I'd raced. They were fun, and after 15 or more years of racing, they were what would keep things new.

I could see this as being a really long post, I'll try to keep it short. First my training schedule. Last winter and spring I ran quite a bit...I averaged almost 70 miles per week for about 8 weeks. I ran almost 100 days straight with no off day. I got faster at every distance. I was in great shape in March. Unfortunately, all of this running came at the expense of early season swimming and biking. It was not until mid-summer, no make that late-summer, that I started to feel fit on the bike. While the running was definitely a good thing...I feel that overall it may have hurt my season a little bit.

I just feel that to really reach your potential as a triathlete, you have to run. Some focus can be good, but it needs to be a well rounded annual (or 2-4 year plan) to get you where you need to be. In my case, I feel that I was a bit short sighted on the running focus. While I am sure that given the right day, I could have run a 32 minute 10k, I was not able to realize the running gains because of the LACK of cycling that I had in the year. By the end of the season, my swimming had improved a notch as well as the other three. I attributed this to my swim and bike fitness catching up a bit to my running fitness. I stopped my season in mid-September. On one hand, I was tired, but on the other I felt like I was just coming into form.

At this point in late 06 and early 07 I am training as much like a true triathlete as I ever have. I would like to be running a bit more, but that will come with time.

Now to the racing schedule. Actually...I am going to cut this post here. I tend to get lost or sidetracked in long posts, so I'll post up about my racing schedule review later.
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