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Year End Review #1...Race Results

Posted Aug 28 2009 8:20pm
I said I was going to take about a week off. I'm about to head out to celebrate the coming of the new year. I don't know if I'll make it to midnight, but we'll try. Rocket Science Sports ( ) is hosting a New Year's Eve party and Tri Fashion Show at Jack and Adam's bikes tonight. They are a local company that Amy and I are hoping to work with for some clothing...we'd try wetsuits too, but it looks like QR is going to take care of that!

So, the year in review post #1 is for race Results. They range from 1st overall at local races, to a few 10th places in continental cup ITU races to a disappointing 53rd at the World Cup in South Africa. I'll start with the local races...

I raced 6 or 7 local races. I won all but one of them, and I was 2nd to Jamie Cleveland at that one. That is pretty successful in my book. I missed a couple of really cool local races, CapTex as the main one, in an effort to chase ITU points this year and travel the globe. So, on a local level it was a success. I would have liked to have defended my CapTex title, but I raced 2 days before and had 2 races on the following 2 weekends on different continents, so I opted out. Local race results grade = A.

Next we'll cover continental ITU races. I'll go ahead and give myself a B on these. I had an 8th in Mexico, 10th in Connecticut, a 12th in Canada, and a 10th in New York. I also did the PanAm champs in Brazil and was 21st. The fields in Mexico and Connecticut were o.k., and I feel that I should have been higher placed than I was. Canada had a solid field, but I had a very bad day and should have finished 3rd or 4th, but ended up 12. That one brings the grade down quite a bit. Brazil had a decent field and I came off the bike in a good position, but my run wasn't what I wanted and I had to settle for 21st. New York was the highlight of the season and my last race. I was 10th in one of the tougher fields of the season. I had a good swim, good bike, and a strong run. Overall it was a good race for me. Again, Continental ITU race grade = B.

Lastly, ITU world Cup races. My first was in Ishigaki, Japan. A great experience overall. I was 34th, but missed ITU points by a little bit. My swim was not so hot. My bike was good. My run was really good. I give myself a B for this race considering I'd never raced at that level before. My second was in South Africa, and I was 54th. I had a bad swim and that was the race. I had a decent bike. I had a decent run. I did not get ITU or Olympic Qualification points at this one. I give myself a C for this one. This race was race #3 over the course of 16 days so that may have had something to do with it. I was in Mexico on weekend #1, Brazil on weekend #2, and South Africa on weekend #3. Note to self...don't try this again next year. Overall ITU world cup grade = B- or C+.

So, overall I rate my race results as a B. That may sound a bit harsh, but that's the results. So, that's a wrap on the race results year end up...

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