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Workouts, the NBA and Wars

Posted Nov 24 2010 12:00pm
I’ve been following the Endurance Nation Out Season Plan for just over two weeks now and so far I’m liking it. I like the fact that I don’t have to spend tons of time just mindlessly spinning on the bike or running easy miles, but instead each workout is shorter and more intense and that is how I like to roll. I’m seeing my bike average speed over the same amount of time already increasing and hopefully that just keeps trending that way. In between my workouts I’ve finished one book and started another so let’s get to my recaps and reviews!

Saturday the 13th was a brick workout morning. The bike was 2x15 and 1x10 minute intervals after a 15-minute WU. The run was around my ‘hood on a very cold morning!
Stats for Saturday’s bike: 18.2-miles in 1:15 @ 14.5-mph.
Stats for Saturday’s run: 2.4-miles in 17:53 @ 7:24/m pace.

Sunday I was able to get out early enough to get my run in before we went to church. The run was a tempo run of 2m-easy the 1.5-hard, .5-easy, 1.5-hard and the remainder easy again. It felt great to throw some speed work back into the routine!
Stats for Sunday’s run: 6.7-miles in 49:49 @ 7:24/m pace.

Monday the 15th was a swim day and I was in the pool at 5AM. That never gets any easier.
Stats for Monday’s swim: 1,600-yards in 35:20 (36:20 w/rest) 4x400 w/20-sec. rests.

Tuesday was a 4:40AM bike trainer session that also included a 40-minute time trial to determine my Lactate Threshold Heart Rate (LTHR) that I then used to calculate my HR training zones for my training this winter and early spring. I’ll retest in a few weeks and hope to see an improvement.
Stats for Tuesday’s bike: 14.2-miles in 1-hour. LTHR = 162.

Wednesday the 17th was another 5AM dip in the pool and I just tried to hold steady pacing.
Stats for Wednesday’s swim: 1,800-yards in 40:07 (41:21 w/rest) 6x300 w/15-sec. rests.

Thursday I was again on the bike at 4:40AM and my legs were a bit on the tired side. I started with 15 easy minutes then did 2x8 minute intervals at high intensity.
Stats for Thursday’s bike: 13.6-miles in 1-hour.

Friday the 19th I was outside in the early AM on a cold morning. No real speedwork other than 2x1-minute intervals at 5K pace or thereabouts.
Stats for Friday’s run: 6.2-miles in 47:10 @ 7:37/m pace.

Saturday was another brick session that began with some intervals on the bike. The intervals, after a 10-min WU, were 2x8 and 2x10 minute Z5 HR spins. After which I was out the door for a short run around the hood at steady effort.
Stats for Saturday’s bike: 14.2-miles in 1-hour.
Stats for Saturday’s run: 2-miles in 15:29 @ 7:45/m pace.

Sunday the 21st I ran my longest run since the marathon on 10/24 and it felt wonderful! I can’t wait to get the run miles back up into double-digits. On this run I did a 5K time trial in the middle miles to get my LTHR for the run. This is the number I’ll use to calculate my running HR zones going forward.
Stats for Sunday’s run: 8.2-miles 59:53 @ 7:18/m pace. 5K @ 6:30/m pace. LTHR = 183.

Monday of this week began with a 4:40AM session on the bike once again. After a 15-minute WU it 2x12-minutes in Z5 and then Z4 to finish.
Stats for Monday’s bike: 14.6-miles in 1-hour.

Lastly, yesterday was another bike session and this time the hard part was 3x10-minutes in Z5.
Stats for Tuesday’s bike: 14.7-miles in 1-hour.

I recently finished reading When The Game Was Ours by Larry Bird and Earvin “Magic” Johnson. I LOVED it. I’m a huge fan of the NBA (Go Blazers!!!) so I loved reading all about the league of the 80’s when I was just getting into it. The book gave some insights into each Superstars childhoods and what drove them to become the two who saved the NBA and ushered it into the place we see it today with billions of dollars in revenue and endorsements and some of the world’s most recognizable athletes. Bird and Magic actually teamed together just before college on the USA National Team but didn’t really become friends there. Then they each went their separate ways to different colleges (all the while keeping an eye on each other’s stats lines) and then eventually met up in the NCAA Championship Game which Magic’s Michigan team won over Bird’s Indiana team. Then as luck would have it they ended up on opposite coasts each playing for one of the two most followed teams in the league – the Celtics and the Lakers. There was lots of great story telling about the epic battles they had with one another through the 80’s where Magic won 5 titles and Larry won 3. I’ve always known Bird and Magic were two of the best to ever lace up a pair of gym sneakers…but I never really appreciated how good they truly were until I read some of the highlights and the stats they put up. Unbelievable stats. The book followed their careers in depth, Larry’s back problems (which led to his retirement) and Magic’s HIV announcement (which led to his first and 3rd retirements) and their reunion on the 1992 Olympic Team where they anchored the original Dream Team that brought home the gold medal without ever having to even call a time-out. The last part of the book tells all about Magic’s business work after the NBA, his failed a ttempts at comebacks and how he is living with his HIV status. It also tells about Larry’s back surgeries, his head coaching gig with the Pacers whom he led to the NBA Finals (against the Lakers) and now his role as President of the Indiana Pacers. My one regret after reading this book is that I wish I had realized the history that was being made back in the heyday of Magic and Bird. I only really caught on towards the end of their careers and now I know we will never ever see another Larry Bird or Magic Johnson. I loved this book and would highly recommend it.
Now I’m going to read Obama’s Wars by Bob Woodward. It’s been in the press a lot lately and with the messy wars still going on I thought it timely to read this one. I’ll let you know what I think of it upon completion.

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day tomorrow! Get out there and ride or run a few extra miles so you can enjoy a huge meal with a little less guilt. I know I will be!

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