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Word Diarrhea

Posted Oct 21 2008 6:20pm
I have so much to talk about and no solidarity of thought so this blog is yet another version of word diarrhea.

***My current life:

I have officially turned bum and moved back in with my parents. I'll be spending the next 3 months in Milwaukee. It's really, really nice to be back home for awhile. I've been in Cleveland for 8 years and my trips home have gotten less and less frequent over the years. Now I have a large block of time to have dinners with my parents, take my nephew to the movies, go to a Packer game with my brother, see the Badgers at homecoming and take a family vacation to Vegas. It's such a wonderful opportunity. While I'm here I'll be doing a self-made Sports Medicine elective with some highly talented surgeons in the area, and then will be flying around the country to INTERVIEW for December and January


Yes, residency interviewing season is upon us. I will be applying to Emergency Medicine residency programs all over the country. My first stop is Orlando Florida, which I have, by complete coincidence, scheduled for the Tuesday after Clearwater. So.... I'm going to the HALF Ironman World Championships!!! Wooohoooo, it's the Ironman double. Which would be so much more impressive had I raced either one....

Anywho, I have interviews currently scheduled in Orlando, Las Vegas, Indianapolis, Nashville, Phoenix and Cleveland. I am EAGERLY awaiting hearing from programs in Davis, Tucson, Albuquerque, Denver and Charlotte. Come on, give a girl some love!

***Body image

Why is it that I am constantly battling this inflated image of my body size? I'm sure I'm not the only one out there, but being in Kona made me feel like a fat pig. This is not anything new to me because unless I am <115 pounds I feel huge. The weird thing is, whenever I see a pic of myself I think I'm fat, but then 6 months later I look at the same pic through a completely different lens. WTF??? Don't worry, as I told Paulo I don't have nearly enough will power to develop an eating disorder....

***They try to make me go to rehab, I said yes, yes yes!

I am officially on the full blown rehab trail for my shin problem that has been nagging me on my right leg. I took 2 weeks off running, have been doing core body strengthening and balance exercises and am now running 5 whole minutes every day (with a 55 minute elliptical warm-up). Watch out, though, next week it's moving up to 10. Hopefully the leg will cooperate because I really want to run the Vegas Half marathon in December

***More sports medicine blogs coming, I just need a little bit of motivation and time. Thanks for all the comments on the Kona blogs!
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