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Will the new Skinny Jeans workout really make you skinny?

Posted Aug 10 2009 2:39pm

Skinnyjeans Here' s the 5 step formula for a new successful marketing campaign to promote a new weight loss workout.

1) Start with something that' s "completely new"

2) Including a very catchy phrase like "Skinny Jeans Workout"

3) Incorporate it into an all female group class

4) Take 1 part yoga, 2 parts Pilates core strength, and add a dash of low impact, and sprinkle with bare feet.

5) And finally don' t forget to make it low cardio to keep it stress free.

Those are pretty much the key ingredients of the new Skinny Jeans workout that is all the rage in some health clubs.

Does is work?

You bet. An hour spent working on core strength is 100 percent better than an hour spent watching the Biggest Loser.

Does it make you skinny and fit?

Not so much.

While core strength is crucial to endurance sports, core strength alone will do very little for the health and well being of your heart.

The Skinny Jeans Workout seems to play on that old myth that somehow a person can magically transform fat into muscle.

Up can:

1) Build Muscle and

2) Burn fat

But you can' t transform fat into muscle.

So while any core strength workout is an essential part of getting fit, it can only help you fit into those skinny Jeans when combined with diet and exercise that get' s your hearth pumping faster for significant amounts of time.

Sound borings, we know, but it works.

Or you could just try magically lifting, opening, and lengthening.

" In addition to sort of holding it in, we' re also lifting and lengthening and, as we do that, we sort of set our shoulders into place," Tracy Cherpeski Bannister a Skinny Jeans instructor recently said in a story on CNN. " I probably said it in class -- we ' tuck our shoulder blades into our back pockets' -- so we' re opening the chest as well. "

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