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Where Does the Time Go...

Posted Aug 28 2009 8:18pm
Busy these days. Training, working, some coaching, and just enjoying life.

Rode to Johnson City Saturday. Almost every time I've done that ride, there has been 1 casualty per ride starting with me in December. Casualty = bonk! Saturday was no exception. The heat doesn't make it any better.

Saturday night we saw Food Inc. Do you know where your food comes from or what actually in it. It's pretty easy to know what's in it if it doesn't come from a package...which is how we try to keep it. You'll probably have to find an artsy fartsy theater in a largish city (Austin, Houston, Dallas) if you want to see it, but it's worth it. Eat before you go...not fast food!

Sunday's long run...longest since 2005 or 2006 sometime I think that I saw most of the triathletes in Austin. Ride and swim and cheat meal of Mexican food later on that day.

Can't believe it but IMMOO...what they affectionately call IM Wisconsin is just around the corner. Haven't quite decided what's next, probably Longhorn 70.3 and at least some riding in the dirt when the MTB gets to town. Need a 29er? I've got one for sale or else I'll make it into a commuter of some sort.

Just finished...Primal Blueprint and Healthy Intelligent Training. Next up is The Vegetarian Myth...written by a feminist I believe!!

I'm writing while listening to Radio Free Texas. It never gets old.
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