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When O's Away...

Posted Feb 20 2010 5:29pm

This morning Oscar left bright and early for a track meet (indoors obviously) in Ohio. That was about 12.5 hours ago. As you might imagine, high school track meets are loooooooong. But he's on his way now and he did call to update me that one of the distance runners ran the 11th fastest 3K in the nation thus far this season. I would call that a successful day. :) (and by the way, this runner is JUST coming off an injury - I tell you, injuries are GOOD! :)

Anyway, while he was gone, this is what I did.

I got up. I fed Roxy. I fed myself. I did core work. I packed up my stuff.

I went to a local "cycling" gym and did a lecture about pre and post workout nutrition. No questions about alcohol this time but I did field a few questions about Monster Energy drinks. I really wish stuff like that didn't exist.

I drove straight to the pool. And swam! 2500 PAIN FREE yards! And I even did flip turns!

I drove home and fed myself again. I did some work while I let my food digest.

I considered riding outside. The sun was out! The roads were (somewhat) dry! I looked up the weather on I pressed "refresh" about 43 times. Each time the website still told me the windchills were in the 20s.

I decided to ride inside.

I rode my bike for 3.5 hours while watching a movie on Lifetime and then the Olympics. I marveled at the cross country skiers. I think they are awesome!

I got off my bike. I changed into my running clothes. I considered wearing shorts. The windchills were still in the 20s. I pulled tights onto my sweaty body.

I ran for 30 minutes. I thanked God for a pain free day of training.

I fed myself again. I fed Roxy again. After everyone was fed I took one of these:


My teeth were chattering by the end. It was a coooooold one.


Roxy always tries to steal my ice. Today I was encouraging this behavior as I wanted LESS ice and more WARMTH!

Next I showered, stretched, rolled.

And then I put these on. My new green socks!


And now I'm doing more work. Blogging is considered work right?

O isn't home yet. I think he might be sleeping at the track tonight. :)

Hope everyone's day was as great as mine!

PS Sorry for the blurry pictures. They were taken with my phone and my unsteady hand.

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