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What We Have Learned About Your Triathlon Bike

Posted Aug 06 2010 4:19pm
In the past couple months at the Rock Star Triathlete Academy
( ), we've had a few guests on the show that specialized in the triathlon bike and the aerodynamics of cycling, most
notably Zipp's Josh Poetner and Aerosport Research's Len Brownlie.

In our discussions with these guys, we learned a few things about triathlon
bikes that you may find useful in setting up your position to be most efficient for your training and racing. 

1) Aerodynamic Wheels Help Slow People. You don't have to be a fast
age-grouper or a pro to have a disc wheel or race wheel on your triathlon
bike. As a matter of fact, based on the way the air contacts that wheel, a
deep dish wheel, disc wheel or wheel-cover actually gives more benefit to a
slow rider than a fast rider!

2) Tuck Your Cables. Does your triathlon bike have cables going this way and
that? You can lose several seconds every 40K for every foot of cable exposed
to the wind. This doesn't mean you have to go out and buy a fancy triathlon
bike with hidden cables, but you may want to see if you can tuck or hide
your existing cables on your triathlon bike wherever possible.

3) Smooth Is More Than Sexy. Shaved legs, a tight triathlon suit, no big
stickers flapping in the breeze, shoe covers, and even waxing your triathlon
bike can all add up to save seconds. So not only will you look good, but
you'll be fast too!

4) Comfort Is Important. Even the aerodynamic "geeks" we've had on the show consistently agree that even the most aero triathlon bike position doesn't help you at all if your diaphragm is compressed or you can't run off the bike - so if you're extremely uncomfortable because of your flat or rounded back, you may need some adjustments.

5) Even Tubes Count. Investing in a light, racing latex tube won't cost you
much, but can add 5-10 watts of power. For most individuals, this can result
in a significant speed increase for a small investment.

Of course, there are many other aerodynamic changes you can make to your
triathlon bike, including water bottles, water bottle straws, aero helmet,
aero bar and more, but we thought these 5 points were quite interesting! For more tips just like this, you can join the Rock Star Triathlete Academy for
just one buck at
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