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What I Did On My Thanksgiving Day Vacation

Posted Nov 29 2009 10:01pm

Remember writing about what you did on your summer vacation once you were back in school in the fall? You'd write about how you went swimming and watched cartoons every day and played with your friends and had sleep overs with your neighbors! Well O and I had the past 4 days of work off together (yay!) so I thought I'd write about all our fun times!

First, it should be noted that when you are in the "off-season" and your workouts consist of things like "a 1500 meter swim" and a "long walk with the dog", then you have MUCH more time on your hands to enjoy your vacation! I won't last much longer doing this but having your off season coincide with some holiday vacation time is quite a brilliant move. :)

Things we did on our Thanksgiving Day Vacation:

1) SLEEP! I think I slept 10+ hours for the past 4 nights. I've slept so much it's actually kind of hard for me to fall asleep! This is usually not an issue, trust me. Seriously though, I can see how people have trouble sleeping. If I didn't physically tire myself out so much, I bet I would too.

2) MOVIES! We watched 3 movies. THREE! This is unprecedented! We get Netflix and our last movie that we got arrived in mid Sept. ARGH! Losing money! But now we are all caught up. AND, because I was so well rested (see above) I actually stayed awake for all 3 movies. Again, unprecedented! We watched A Night At The Museum (on tv) on Thanksgiving night, Defiance (Netflix) on Saturday night and this afternoon after church we went to see The Blind Side in the theaters. All were excellent and come highly recommended! :)

3) EATING! Of course - it's Thanksgiving! We had Thanksgiving lunch at O's parents' house with his extended family. And we had leftovers. And we went out to brunch after our swim on Saturday morning. And we bought a loaf of my favorite bread at Eat'n Park (it's this 6 grain bread that has so much fiber it's actually crunchy!). And did you know Panera has mac and cheese now? Haven't been to Panera for a long time but we discovered it today...

4) CLEANING! We don't really do our "spring cleaning" until, well, whenever the triathlon/running season is over. That keeps getting later and later. It was September and then October and now we start our spring cleaning in late November. :) We didn't get everything done but we started the project of DEEP cleaning our house - doing things like moving all the furniture to clean underneath, taking EVERYTHING out of the fridge/freezer to scrub the thing down, scrubing down the closets and baseboards in each room, going through all the closets, etc... We only do a few rooms (or sometimes just "a" room) at a time because it's time consuming but we got a great start this weekend with 3 room complete in our upstairs. Luckily our house is small. And O has to do the basement/garage by himself. :)

5) TRAINING! Well, not really. But I did get back in the pool and I was soooooo happy! I'm like the anti-triathlete. The thing I miss most is the pool. Then running. Then my bike. :) I did no training for 12 days after Clearwater and then I hit up the pool this week a few times and took some nice longgggg walks with Roxy. A good way to ease back into things this week. Tomorrow I'm going to the pool again (I'm addicted) and then Tuesday I think I will ride. Scotty has been back together and ready to go since the Tuesday after Clearwater. Now it's time to put him to use! Wednesday I think I'll attempt a run. YAY! So happy to be doing at least a little something!

So that mostly sums it up. O and I also did some work for several hours on Friday (me food logs, him grading). We watched a lot of football. We even did some Christmas shopping today after the movie! It was sort of on a whim but BAM, we got on a roll and before we knew it we had about half our list tackled! We certainly had a great 4 days continues tomorrow! O has another day off school (Monday starts deer hunting season (rifle) in PA so everyone has off school) and I don't work at the hospital. Let the fun continue! :)

Hope everyone had a great weekend too. Before long, we'll be doing it all over again at Christmas! :)

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