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What happens when bike companies use car technology

Posted Apr 02 2009 12:18pm


This is the Skua bike (make that velomobile) concept.

You' ll note that is powered by legs but looks and competes with a car for your daily commute.

The designer of the Skua, Adam Lazenby, believes:

 " Automobiles are effortless. Their interiors are comfortable, dry and climate controlled. They allow the occupants to bring cargo. In order to encourage the world to use their own strength as a form of transit we must first encourage the world to get out of their cars. Why not create a bicycle that possesses these same qualities? Why not give the car some competition? That is the mentality behind the Skua (skyoo-uh), to provide the cyclist a smooth, dry and climate controlled ride that requires minimal effort.

Skau2 This style of vehicle has been in existence for some time and is generally referred to as a velomibile. Velomobiles are essentially recumbent tricycles with aerodynamic body work. The Skua pushes the concept further.

Most velomobiles have exposed front wheels to allow the cycle to steer. This creates drag. The Skua is able to tightly close in the front wheels by using a trailing linkage rear wheel steering system. The two front wheels drive the bicycle. The shell of the Skua is thermoformed plastic from film and foam coextruded sheets. Gracefully forming the sheets yields an appealing, aerodynamic and sound deadening ride. Competition for the car has arrived."

Now if Lazenby could just stick a small gas engine in the Skau for those long uphills after a hard days work---he' d have the world' s first hybrid velomobile and a truly uniques concept.

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