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What Did I Do?

Posted Sep 22 2008 11:04am

Well, I've officially signed up for the 2009 California 70.3. Which now seems wrong on so many levels:

1) I nearly threw up when I saw how expensive it was to sign up for one race! All I can say is, around Christmas time I will be begging for 2 plane tickets to California from Santa. Either that or O, Scotty and I will be hitchhiking to Oceanside!

2) Doing the math, I realized that I will need to start training soon for this 70.3. Trouble is, my 2008 season isn't over yet! Who signs up for races in EARLY April when they live in Pittsburgh and don't ride their bike outside until early May?

3) I hear the course at Oceanside is a bit tough. Including a brutal swim. And we all know that swimming is my strong suit right? :)

Jen Harrison - I think I blame you for this!

Ahh...just kidding on all accounts! I am really, really, really excited for this! First of all, O and I have never been to California and although O doesn't seem particularly thrilled with the whole idea, I think it will be an awesome experience and chance to explore part of the country that we've never seen! Oh the places triathlon will take you!

Second, signing up for this race is part of my "figure out the 70.3 distance or bust" project for next year. If left to my own devices I would probably just sign up for a sprint triathlon every weekend of the year - but there is also part of me that wants to challenge myself to grow and get the hang of the longer stuff.

Third, although the race is quite early and will likely require many a long ride on my trainer, it will also be great motivation to work hard throughout the winter and get me nice and strong for a summer of racing Olympics.

So, California in April it is! Chad - you in? :)

Anyway - enough about next season - how about the current one?! Today I had some great workouts, at least in part due to the fact that our weather has been simply amazing! I had a great long ride this morning - one of those days where the pedals just seem to turn themselves over without much help from me! And only one person yelled something mean out their window at me. That has to be a record of some sort!

Off the bike I ran and then O and I went to the pool for a swim.

Now O is at a Pirates game (with his fellow coaches - no wives invited!) and I am at home searching for AG National results and signing up for races for 2009! HA - that will teach O to leave me at home alone with the internet and a credit card! :)

Regardless - hope everyone has a wonderful rest of their weekend

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