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What a Weekend!

Posted Sep 11 2009 4:54pm
What a weekend it was indeed!.........

From Katya's blog "you know your a triathlete when" you are late (but ready helmet and all) to meeting training partner's because you are reading other tri geeks blogs on the computer! Once again Carley caught me in the act! 
Saturday was quite an exciting day, I road 4.5 hours with a few 25minute intervals at 70.3 wattage and also met up with two local cyclists Rob Rice ( super strong ) and Peter Sanowar (pro Cyclist) for my long ride and it was awesome, although at one point I was pushing 400 Watts for a couple hill intervals before cool down. Off the bike I had a hard run of 40minutes where i was happily running my 70.3 pace that i did in Maui for 1mile intervals. (in rain it sucked!)

After my brick workout I went to dinner and the movies with Car. When we arrived home I told her to look under her pillow and she found a diamond ring.  Wow, I guess that means I am officially engaged. Scary i know but i believe it will be good for me. Car is awesome, so i am super happy!

Sunday was a great day, my legs were sore from going Ballistic on Saturdays Brick Workout. Ryan joined me for a progression run around the lake, he had a tempo run planned so he ran tempo during my middle portion of my run and dropped me and then when he cooled down i went ballistic again on myself for the last 30 mins,  i had permission since i have a few days easy coming up, i was happy with the pace average with really tired and sore legs. Later on Court and Ryan picked us up for a great meal. Before going out to dinner, I took Ryan to my favourite icing spot for a quick 15 minute icing sesh. The air was freezing yesterday and I didn't know I was back in Maui on the ocean with the size of the waves that were rolling in, however I managed to tough it out and stay in the freezing cold water (40 F). Ryan on the other hand had a hard time lasting for 1 minute. I explained to him that around 1 minute was the climax and it would all get better after that but it was a no go. Below is a pic of Ryan in a lot of pain!

This pic of icing is from Friday, the weather was much warmer as you can see but behind me there is still plenty of ice left on the lake.  It was great to take advantage of the natural icing modalities as oppose to hauling ice bags up to my bathtub. 

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