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Well that didn't seem fair! I ...

Posted Jul 20 2010 8:08am
Well that didn't seem fair! I was so excited and ready to race well and my opportunity was stripped from me for reason out of my control. Flat tires. These sort of DNF's seem to leave you on your knees, wheel waving in hand crying to the Gods of rubber.. "WHY?!" ok slight exaggeration...only slight though ;)

That was frustrating. After a less than ideal swim I remained calm and moved swiftly through transition and straight into some tactical riding. I managed to move up through the field with the help of a few girls. About 2 laps in, a girl started to drift outwards when I was crossed her outside. I yelled the universal "WOAH WOAH WOOOAAHH" but she didn't notice and i was being forced straight into a concrete barrier. I moved my front wheel clipping her back one in the process but holding firm to not go down. I lifted my pedal out of the way but my back wheel still hit. I considered myself lucky with my heart pumping in my skin. I quickly looked down for a flat, relieved and continued to chase. Just as we were approaching the front pack Lisa Norden made a break as the group was not sharing the work. I jumped up to chase her and my back end flicked into the air...I looked down to make sure my quick release hadn't come undone...all good...I got on Lisa's wheel and then......FLAT. Devastating. I tried to find the wheel stop but in all the commotion of tents and carpets and crowds it all looked the same and no one was speaking english. Done for the day. So so angering but lets just say fuel has been added to the fire. I don't want to watch these girls run anymore ;)

We are in London now. Right in Paddington. Jon is taking us on a scenic run now to see Big Ben, the eye etc etc all by way of trails and parks! I'm running with my camera :)
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