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Weekend Travels

Posted Jun 10 2009 6:43pm
Last saturday I visited the beautiful town of Elkford BC. It is in the Rockies...absolutely gorgeous! I got in Saturday evening and was up to help out at the triathlon the next morning. The people were so friendly! Speaking of which, I came across more than a few fellow newfies! I didn't know there were so many in the Kootenays! Shared some good laughs over sayings, bottled moose and accent impressions...and of course a few newfie jokes. Good times in Elkford! The race was entirely organized by 2 lovely women who did an amazing job! It was neat to see so much of the community getting active and having some fun! Thanks to Mike Harrington for looking after me for the weekend! Unfortunately my camera battery died upon arrival so i will have to steal some pictures off the organizers! After the race and a little meet n greet session they took me on a tour of the mines! It was really cool to see what goes on behind the scenes at Teck. Here are a few pictures of Fernie (a town nearby) and a mining truck that I stole off the internet as I don't have any pictures of my own!

Sunday night I flew back to Vancouver where I stayed the night and had a TriCan press conference in the morning. I got put up in the Fairmont Waterfront hotel...not too shabby! Joined Lauren and Simon for a quick coffee and then met up with the rest of the team for the conference. Chris (our media guy) did an great job and there was an excellent turn out! The buffet wasn't too bad either ;) Then it was back to victoria on the float plane. Easy peasy.

When i got home i attempted the swim machine at the pool. NOT for me. It involves an inclined sliding bench with paddles attached to ropes at the top. You pull yourself up and then slide down and catch yourself and do it again....and again...and 9 minutes later i cannot do even 1 more. My arms were shaking and full of lactic shoulder was hurting..bad idea. SO after speaking with Chris last night the plan changed to real swimming starting today!! I swam 2k with pull buoy, band, snorkel and paddles! haha can you say trigeek??? haha all i needed was a swimP3! haha That went really well so I am excited to start progressing with that! Although i'm going to have to untie my feet soon or my arms are going to fall off! Now I'm off to meet up with Pat and Brook for a little trainer ride. So excited to be starting up again..even if its only small!
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