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Week of 1/18 - 1/24

Posted Jan 24 2010 2:22pm
I'm attempting to update this blog at least once a week. Truthfully, I don't have anything interesting to write about, so this week you're getting a summary of my workouts. Not exciting, but proof that I'm still alive and not being completely lazy.

My goal for January and February is to get 8 workouts done each week: 2 runs, 2 rides (or spin classes), 2 swims and 2 yoga classes. I think 8 workouts is a good goal for this time of year. It's enough to give me a pretty solid fitness base but isn't too much to cause me to mentally burn out.

Weekly Recap:

Monday Afternoon (MLK Day = No work!): Swim - The locker room at the downtown St. Paul gym was undergoing renovations so I had to use the "Executive Locker Room". Sorry, Execs. I don't know what you have to pay or do to get into the Executive locker room, but it is completely not worth it. Aside from the full-size lockers and a pot of stale coffee, there is absolutely no difference from the regular locker room. I swam a quick 2000yd workout - 1x300, 3x100, 6x50 for my mainset. My 100yd splits were a second or two faster than last week, so I was happy with that.

Monday Night: Spin class at the Highland Park gym with Walker. It was less crowded than the last couple weeks. Are those New Years Resolutioners dying off already? The class started pretty hard but overall wasn't too tough.

Tuesday Night: Interval workout at the MetroDome. One of the local running clubs sponsors winter running at the Metro Dome. Two nights a week you can pay $1 and run around the 2nd floor concourse. Running on concrete isn't the most ideal situation, but it sure is nice to have a place to do some speed work other than on a treadmill or a 200m indoor track. I stole Steve 's workout idea from last week and did a ladder. If you run the inside track of the concourse, one lap is approximately 600m. I did a ladder of 1 lap, 2 laps, 3 laps, 2 laps, 1 lap. Interestingly, my first 2 intervals had splits that were significantly faster than 2 weeks ago. I was pretty happy with that until I started my 3rd interval and my motivation went completely out the window. It wasn't that hard. My head just wasn't in it and I finished pretty slow. I still didn't have my head in the game on my 4th interval, but still pulled off a negative split. I really kicked it in on my last interval and finished that lap significantly faster than my 1st interval. Overall I was happy with the workout but need some work on staying mentally strong.

Wednesday Night: After a couple of pretty intense workout days, I took it easy on Wednesday. I went to an 8pm yoga class. I'm starting to figure out which classes fit my new schedule. Unfortunately I've had to give up the classes with my favorite instructors. The Wednesday night yoga guy was OK but I miss my Tuesday/Thursday AM guys. The Wednesday night guy was all about winding down the day and not doing any poses that were too "energizing". He's probably right, but I like to leave yoga class feeling like I got a good workout and that was not the case this night.

Thursday Morning: I got up early for a little run on my treadmill. Like anyone with any sensibility, I hate the treadmill. I would prefer that my 2nd run workout of the week be on hills, but since the sun wasn't up yet and it was 17 degrees with freezing rain, the treadmill was about my only option. I ran 4 miles varying the incline every 1/4 mile. I wasn't running exceptionally fast, but then again, it was 5:30am. The workout got done. It counts.

Friday Morning: I got up REALLY early to head to the pool - 4:45am. Thank God I'm a morning person. I can get my ass out of bed and get a workout done much easier than I can motivate myself to workout after a long day of work. I'm not sure what "renovations" the regular locker room was undergoing on Monday. Absolutely nothing was different. I did another 2000yd swim using a workout Waterboy gave me a few years ago when I was training for sprint tri's. I wondered if maybe I should be swimming farther since my races are longer now, but then again, it's January. I've still got plenty of time to increase my distances as my races get a little closer.

Saturday Morning: I couldn't sleep. I laid in bed staring at the clock from 5am to 6am and then finally decided I might as well get up and start my day. I decided I'd head to the 7am spin class instead of my usual 8:15 class. It actually worked out well. Immediately after the spin class, there was a 60 minute yoga class that wasn't on the schedule. It was a vinyassa flow class, which isn't my favorite style, but I went anyway and fulfilled my 8 workout goal for the week.

I was happy that I got all the workouts done that I wanted to. (The previous week I was short a couple, but I also had two after-hours work functions that kept me out of the gym those nights.) Hopefully I can keep the momentum going. I've decided to add a 5K to my race schedule in February, so hopefully that will keep me on task over the next few weeks.
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