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Wearing no bike helmet President Obama sets dubious example for his kids

Posted Aug 27 2009 5:40pm


With President Obama it seems to be the classic case of, "do what I say, but not what I do."

As you may recall from THIS story Obama is still smoking even though he promised his family he would quite once he got through the Democratic primary.

And now we have the news that the Commander and dad (along with the Secret Service) is setting a dubious example for his two girls while on vacation.

Sure you might argue that he' s riding through a field on a slow cruiser so why does he need a helmet, but you could also argue that when he smokes he doesn' t inhale?

Oops, never mind, a former American President already tried that excuse with little success.

Obama2 So what' s even more stupid than riding a bike without a helmet next to your kids?

How about wearing one, but not buckling it!

You' ll note his Secret Service agent (second from left) in this photo and Dr. Eric Whitaker.

The agent is also sans helmet and Dr. Whitaker seems to have forgotten to buckle his.

It seems that everybody, but the Obama girls in the photo, need a repeat lesson in bike safety.

And please don' t even pretend that the Secret Service guy can' t wear a helmet to do his job.

That' s like saying a driver should not buckle his seat belt because in the case of a car accident...the driver needs to get out of the crashed car to rescue the rest of the family.

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