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Virtual racing: a new way to compete and help out a good cause

Posted Mar 15 2011 10:15am

Virtual Aren’t virtual races basically like a training run with an entry fee? Not necessarily. It all depends on the effort you want to put into it.

Take for example, The Run for Christchurch.

EMT ran THIS post for the virtual 5k a short time ago and from their online donation page ;

“As you may know, New Zealand's second largest city, Christchurch, was devastated by a 6.3 earthquake at lunchtime on Tuesday 22 February 2011. There have been over 100 fatalities and many are still missing.

Kiwis out of Christchurch and people around the world want to know how they can help, and the answer's short. With money. But we all want to feel like we're doing more than just typing our credit card numbers into a box and clicking submit. So we thought we'd go for a run. Wearing red and black, to show the people of Canterbury we love them. And we'd like you to join us for a virtual run. Wherever you are.”

Sounds like a great cause, but is it really worth it to donate just to run a 5k that no one times or keeps track of? Why not just donate and call it good? There is nothing but your conscience to keep you honest in running the 5k, unless you’re Steve in a Speedo.

Not only did Steve sign up and run the virtual 5k, he recruited 13 adults, 1 toddler and a yellow lab to run the virtual 5k in the Minneapolis area. He even had people participating from other areas linked to his blog. You may recall Steve in a Speedo was a finalist for the blogger awards on EMT and he continues to show the same good will that put him in the running.

Personally, I participated in the O peration Jack Satellite 10k in December and even though I was sick and had to run it on a treadmill, I did it and felt better doing it for a good cause.

Virtual races are no joke. You can make them as competitive as you want or as fun as you want. Make your own donut race challenge out of it, beer mile run, or whatever it takes to get out there. Don’t miss out on racing for a good cause just because you don’t have timing chips and a race t-shirt!

Ryann Ryan Falkenrath writes the blog , and is a married father of one (soon to be two), owner of three dogs and trying to balance life, work and multisport. Ryan has participated in multisport events since 2001.  Ryan is also the Kansas Endurance Sports Examiner and you can read more of his triathlon thoughs HERE .  Contact Ryan at:

Follow on twitter @ everymantri or view latest videos on YouTube .

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