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Video: Russell Crowe proves that you can smoke and still be very fit...not!

Posted Sep 04 2009 9:02am

283620-dtgall-crowe The Sydney Daily Telegraph this week published a column entitled: " Smokes and fatty foods the fitness regime for Rusty. "

Basically one of the paper' s columnist (Annette Sharp) "mocked Crowe after he was photographed pausing during a recent bike ride with his personal trainer to puff on a cigarette and chow down on three tacos and a soft drink," according to USA Today.

So Crowe, in true manly Aussie spirit, showed the columnist what' s what and who' s who by challenging her to a sort of 12 mile bike/race/tour around Sydney. 

And you probably won' t be surprised by the results.

The star struck columnist lost to Crowe and admitted that you can indeed be fit and smoke "fags."

Annette and Russell what the...?

Are you Serious?

Is this 1950 or are you both trying out for a role in Mad Men?


Because the entire video looks like an a story line from Mad Men.

And BTW here' s a fact that you might not know. Even the actors on Mad Men don' t smoke real cigarettes. They smoke stunt herbal cigarettes because smoking causes cancer and in general is one the worst possible things you can do for your health!

FYI: So Annette if a chain smoking Crowe can beat you on the bike it says a lot more about your physical condition than his---maybe you need to exercise more than just your fingers on the computer.

You can watch the video of their ride/race HERE.

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