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Video Review: the FINIS Swimsense Performance Monitor watch makes swimming fun

Posted Oct 01 2011 10:08am


Swimmers, how many times have you lost track of how many yards you just swam? What lap was that? What's my pace? How many strokes did I take to complete that set?  
The FINIS Swimsense Performance Monitor answers all those questions and more.

The FINIS Swimsense Performance Monitor really does help make sense of your swiim workout.  It has a built-in motion sensor which allows it to analyze workouts instantly; logging distance, splits, pace, stroke count, distance per stroke and calories burned.

It also automatically recognizes each of the four swim strokes; freestyle, back, breast and butterfly.  Its swimsense docking station allows you to sync with a free online training log so you can analyze your workouts plus when it's connected via USB, it charges your battery.  You must first customize the watch by choosing yards verses meters, watch position, right wrist or left, plus your age and weight.  Once you're done, you're ready to swim.  The watch face is easy to navigate and configure, nothing too fancy or complicated.

On the main screen of the watch, you have the time of day and below that, how many out of 14 swim workouts you have saved. You can even press the info button on the bottom left hand corner to view your total swimming yardage along with your watch serial number.  To swim, you simply select the 'Swim' screen then press the swim button on the upper right hand side to begin logging your workout.  Once in the swim mode, you can customize the layout.  I like to view the total yards at the top, time in the middle and calories at the bottom.

You also have a chrono feature just in case you want to manually keep track of your laps.  The chrono feature doesn't save the workout.  You can only save your workout in the swim mode.
When you're done you can view your workout history and all the data associated with it such as yards, laps, stroke count, calories, etc.

A couple of notes of interest, you will need to power off to conserve the battery.  It's not really a good everyday watch per se. In fact, it's only suggested for pool swimming not open water.  And be sure to line up the the watch on the docking station correctly.  If it's upside down, it won't charge.  So if you plan on plugging it in overnight and swimming the next morning, double check otherwise you'll arrive at the pool with a dead battery, believe me.

There's a great list of FAQ's under the 'support' tab on the FINIS website.  In addition to not having to count my laps,  I really like uploading my data and checking out my stats.  You do this with the "Swimsense Bridge Software" which you install on your computer.    It's easy to do.  Once you connect to your Swimsense watch, you can upload your workouts to your online Swimsense Training Log account and it's free.

This has been a really fun training device.  I no longer have to keep track of my laps, which means less thinking, less stopping and more training.  This isn't the only FINIS swimming product I have.  I also have the center mount swimmer's snorkel and SwimP3 player.  I'm not sure what I'll try out next but when I do… I'll be sure to let you know.  The FINIS Swimsense Performance Monitor retails for $199 and you can find it on

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